January 30, 2010


Facing yet another $125+ cell phone bill in which I couldn't understand my data usage, I finally called my cell phone provider and guess what, she was able to remove those charges and go back three months to figure out why I was being charged extra! It resulted in a in a credit of $160!! Plus she advised me on adding $6 for unlimited texting considering that my monthly text charges were hovering around $25. She was great. I wish I had remembered her name so I could have sent in a thing about her to my cell phone provider. Ever since working in retail and being a manager, I now realize the importance of making sure companies know just how happy/unhappy you are with the service you are receiving; this is why I try to voice my complaints/compliments whenever I see fit. I'm actually in the process of sending in a compliment to the TTC for the fantastic service I received earlier this month. Crazy, right? Well, as crazy as it does sound, the driver of my bus (I wish I had remembered to check the bus number) did a fantastic job of getting everyone to their destination in a great time and when he forgot to stop at my stop (it's too close to a previous stop in order to ring the bell in time), he asked if I had boots on so I wouldn't have to walk through the really tall snow. What a great guy.

So I'm done with my first week of work and wow, what a crazy week! So much going on, not just work-related. I feel like I was constantly on the go without much down time. I am really ready for this weekend except that Saturday's already over and the only thing I've managed to get done is the laundry, boo.


Now onto the eats...from the 27th:
Breakfast was oatmeal with frozen peaches that I nuked in the microwave for a minute. No picture because I was running late. It's ironic that I constantly am running late even though I live like five mintues away.

Lunch was the following:
Orechiette with organic all beef hot dog (that I cooked out of the sausage lining) along with the roast veggies.
For snacks I brought along Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa and blue corn and unsalted chips:And fruits of the day consisted of grapes, a clementine and blueberries:Dinner that night was brown rice, liver and onions and a whole lotta veggies:I have to admit that I actually hate liver (this was veal liver--ew!) but if it's loaded with a TON of caramelized onions I'll eat it on the odd occasion--mainly because I can't taste the liver. Today was not that kind of night though.

Later in the evening I headed over to Jessie's and we made creme brulee:Do you like our Mickey Mouse set up? Jessie, her mom and I ate the big ramekin and her dad already sneaked away one of the small ones. I also had an Oreo McFlurry and medium French fries after the veal liver debaucle.


From the 28th...breakfast was organic maple spice oatmeal with blueberries and peaches and a mug of milk tea:Lunch was leftover orechiette with the hot dog and roast veggies, mini carrots, grapes and blueberries hidden underneath the grapes.
I also brought along a snack bento of TONS of fruit:Two clementines, a pear, grapes and strawberries. I also never got around to the salsa and chips from the day before so I brought those back again:For dinner Sean and I went out for sushi. I thought we were going to our standby, Sushi on 7, an all-you-can-eat buffet but Sean wanted to try somewhere different, so we headed to Ginza Sushi instead. Sadly, I have no photos of the meal. I do remember most of the stuff we ordered which included sweet potato tempura (even though we had ordere purple yam tempura), two special rolls (Black Pearl roll and a deep-fried California roll), a tuna maki, crispy salmon maki, a few handrolls and I think that's it. It was definitely too much food but really, really good. The handroll was so fresh and delicious. I absolutely love handrolls (salmon and unagi being my fave) but can never order more than one or two because they fill me up too quickly. We took the leftovers home, which included half of each of the "special" rolls.


From the 29th...Friday's breakfast #1 was two slices of rye toast with jam and a bit of leftover omelet which you will see later, plus a mug of 3:15pm milk tea (which I will review in another post). I neglected to take a pic because I was in a rush. Then at work, breakfast #2 was two hash browns (cooked at Sean's the night before), plus a two-egg omelet with mushrooms):This was definitely a great idea. I had a 30-minute break at 10:30 so along with my 3:15 milk tea, it was a great second breakfast.
Lunch was at 2:30pm and I had leftover sushi from the night before along with this snack bento:Strawberries, mini carrots, grapes and a clementine. I didn't finish it all but saved the rest for later, which ended up going in the fridge when I came home late at night.
Dinner for the evening was take-out from the hot section of T&T Supermarket--you'll see it later.


Now for today's eats!!
I slept in until noon (man, it felt good!) so I had my leftover Chines food for lunch:Rice with roast pork and duck and some veggies. After eating this I still felt hungry and then ate two Pot of Gold chocolates (when did those boxes get so tiny?!), one chocolate crepe biscuit and a banana some time around 4:30pm. I really need to get back to photographing my food. It seems to help to photography my food because it keeps what I eat in check.

Dinner tonight was honey garlic ribs with mini carrots, fried plantain and some kind of Chinese green. I think they're called garlic bulbs but I'm not sure, along with a mug of mango juice:

And you'd be right in assuming that mug is from Petro-Canada and features the Vancouver 2010 Olympics symbol! On the ride home from Jessie's on Wednesday night, we popped by the Petro-Canada to see if they had the latest mug in stock (see above) so Jessie could pick one up and of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up more Olympic swag. So I picked up two of the mugs above and two other mugs, the Robson, a 14-ounce glass featuring the symbol as well as the bear and person. The back of the glass above features the bird along with a person. I kind of want a set of four of each (there's four in total) but that means 16 Olympic-themed drinking glasses/mugs and considering that Sean and I are only two people, it seems a little excessive. It's just that most mug/glass sets always come in sets of four. Oh well.


Seanington said...

Ginza sushi was pretty good, i always like it when alex brings it to me at work so i wanted to go there. i get tired of the stuff-your-face places.

"second breakfast," jeeze you're like a hobbit kiddo! didn't you just say something to me about second breakfast yesterday as well? next thing you'll be on about elevensies!

totally agree about calling in for good cust. service, not a lot of people do it so all you ever get is negative feedback. if somebody is being a bitch i'd rather talk to them directly, but it's nice to give props to the good ones as well. haha the word verification is "waspirs." i like that. say it out loud. waspirs..

Dominique said...

The only disappointing thing about Ginza sushi is that they had a lot of scallop/shrimp options. What about the shellfish-allergic? No fair. Although we clearly could have just ordered some of the scallop stuff anyway. It's not like I would have died! And even if, you could have used my EpiPen!!

Hahha, second breakfast! I like second breakfast. I was talking to you about it today.

TTC deserves my positive feedback after all these years. Word verification is weird. It's like they're trying to tell you something but they're not because usually the word is non-sensical but sometimes I swear it isn't.

Seanington said...

the word is not always nonsensical because i got one that was "cardiffs" the last time, and cardiff is the capital of wales, but why add the "s" at the end, to throw us off?

if you died, then your epipen would not be of use to anybody except if i sold it!!

Dominique said...

EpiPens are expensive. They usually run around $100 without insurance so you could certainly make some kind of money off mine. It's good until June or July, I think.

"Cardiffs" is a nonsensical word!