January 11, 2010


Having gone through the entire month of December working ridiculous hours, not getting enough sleep, not eating properly (hello 10lbs weight loss!) and not getting sick, how do I now find myself with a sore throat? Well, I blame the flu shot I got almost a week ago during my yearly physical. Sigh. I had no plans on getting one until the receptionist at my doctor's office asked if I had gotten one already and then asked if I wanted to get one today. I figured "why the heck not?" and then filled out the necessary paperwork.

Ever since the shot was done, my arm has been feeling sore, my body has been aching (it feels like I was badly beaten up) and my throat has been feeling worse with each passing day. Not to mention daily headaches which have turned themselves into migraines. I thought the feeling was normal and that it would just pass but my throat is getting worse. I am now sipping on hot water with honey and lemon in an attempt to soothe my sore throat. Oh and I am drinking soup that I just spent two hours making because I didn't read the instructions properly...but more on that later.

Yesterday's eats...for breakfast I opted to split this sandwich with my dad, instead of my regular oatmeal:Another pumpernickel cream cheese sandwich with radishes and this time with cucumber, instead of watercress.

We then headed out to my old workplace so I could pick up some meds, cat litter and other things and so I could also see some of my old co-workers. Man, I miss working with them. A couple of the Sunday crew are so much fun! I miss one guy in particular who would help me do inventory at the post office. He's pretty much the only person who I would trust to help me do inventory--mainly because he'd keep me in check when I'd get all paranoid about missing something.

After that my dad and I came home and had spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch but I forgot to snap a pic of that. Shortly after that we headed back out to the grocery store to pick up some things that were on sale...

Garden Fresh Gourmet tortilla chips in unsalted and blue corn versions. My dad was surprised to see an unsalted version; I was just happy to see that they were on sale (buy one, get one free). So we actually stocked up and bought a total of four bags (two of each). Hey, when something's all natural and contains less than 2mg of sodium per serving, my family stocks up! My dad was actually giving me a hard time about spending $8 on corn chips but I was telling him that normally, I'd spend $4 on a single bag of these.

We also picked up two containers of Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa:

Artichoke & Garlic mild and Wild & Mild salsa. After being out shopping for about two hours my dad and I were feeling rather munchy so we dug right into our tortilla chips and salsa (I happened to grab the Artichoke & Garlic salsa) and my dad was a fan! In the grocery store, I was telling my dad that I might not be able to finish two bags of blue corn chips in two months (the best before date is mid-March), but in the car my dad was saying that the chips might not last two months and that we probably should have picked up 3 bags of the unsalted and one bag of the blue corn. So ta-da...someone is a Garden Fresh convert, mwuahaha *rubs hands together a la Mr. Burns*

Oh and after stopping by another grocery store to pick up one of my brother's birthday cakes, I picked up some energy bars which I am going to keep stashed in my purse and Sean's glove box for emergencies:

Carrot Cake CLIF bar (which I kind of have high hopes for) and on the right are a couple of Luna Bars in Toasted Nuts N Cranberry (top) and Nutz Over Chocolate (bottom). I'll report back with reviews later.

A mild migraine in the afternoon turned into a moderate migraine in the early evening and I was forced to take some medication. While my family went out for my brother's birthday, I decided to have this big bowl of fruit:My bowl contained a pear, an orange, a kiwi and a banana. I was hoping the extra vitamin C was going to boost my immune system somehow. I managed to finish most of it in the dark while on the phone with Sean and then after munching on a piece of rye bread with butter, I went to bed.

Money spent: $283.56 (meds/cat litter/stamps)

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