January 7, 2010


It's been a hectic couple of days, I tell ya! There is seriously nothing more fun than being unemployed when your boyfriend has his three-days-in-a-row off and you can hang out without worrying about work.

Did I ever mention that while post office manager, for the entire month of December, I would dream about the post office every.single.night? And not necessarily bad dreams where horrible things were happening like an irate customer coming back to take revenge on Canada Post out on us, but just normal things like customers mailing parcels and picking up their Call-for items. It was really, really bizarre.

Anyway, here are the eats from Monday with breakfast being a square bowl of instant organic oatmeal with peaches, strawberries, chia seeds and roasted salted almonds (bad, I know). I needed the nuts to counteract the amount of mush in this bowl of tastiness. Seriously, someone needs to tell me what I can do to fix my vertical photos when they are not supposed to be vertical photos. Along with my bowl of oats, I had a mug of Trafalgar Square tea from Alice's Tea Cup (in Manhattan) which is a mix of Mauritian vanilla and peppermint tea. So freakin' good!
I still had a piece of leftover pork chop so instead of letting that go to waste, I whipped up a quick bowl of pasta by cooking a bit of Catelli Smart spaghetti with oyster mushrooms and tomatoes and then cutting up the pork chop into smaller pieces.
It was good and satisfying but I also had some leftover Israeli couscous to deal with so I had a small bowl of that along with a samosa that my dad had picked up:
I ate the samosa first instead of the couscous and so of course, the couscous was not finished. Oh well...I tried!

For dinner I wanted to go with a little bit of everything, so I made really small portions of everything that was to be eaten for dinner. First up...Chinese cabbage with stewed beef alongside some more couscous:
Then I had a bowl of lentil soup. My mom used pork bones as a stock and this made it super tasty.
Followed by two drinks: Refresh tea from Starbucks (mint with a hint of tarragon) and water with lemon):
Yet again, not all of this food was eaten. I didn't start off in the right direction so most of the soup was consumed along with the tea but half of the rest of the food was eaten and that was it.

Money spent: $0

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