January 25, 2010


I'm behind on my food recaps! I've been hit with a bout of migraines for the past two days, plus starting my new job yesterday (!) and just feeling exhausted after staring at a computer screen for eight hours...the last thing I've wanted to do is spend more time on the computer. Plus, the raccoons kept me up all night Sunday/Monday morning so I had about five hours of on-and-off sleep before starting my new job. Let's just hope no one saw me dozing off in front of my screen because I was seriously SO tired! I even went to bed at 10 last night just to make up for lack of sleep. I don't think I've ever gone to bed that early except for when I was really sick--like when I had pneumonia five years ago.

Anyway, back to food recaps...let's try and do this quickly...Friday was spent making macarons and some other unmentioned stuff so the only thing I ate was the following at Sean's house:Take-out container of rice with Chinese dried sausage and pork with some broccoli. Unbelievably tasty but so bad for you but so good for me since it was the only thing I ate all day. Oh and Sean trimmed his beard! He looks so good now:I think we make the best couple--obviously!

Saturday's eats were a little more interesting. Spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch...Leftover wild grain rice with broccoli and beef and cucumber salad for dinner... And dessert was a Christmas-themed bowl of grapes and a clementine...
On Sunday I misplaced my camera so the only food photo I was able to take was dinner after my camera had been found:Basmati rice with roast duck and green beans.

Yesterday was my first day back to work--I make it seem like I was out of work FOREVER when it was really just three weeks--and I got up really early, sort of, to make myself a proper breakfast (sorry--it's out of focus):Two slices of rye bread with a clementine and an organic pork and blueberry sausage.

I made myself a full bento for lunch:Leftover roast duck, mini carrots, two-layered heart-shaped wild rice/white rice, green beans; clementines, grapes and blueberries and a bag of BBQ popchips for snack.

Sadly, that was not enough food. Right after saying hello to my parents as I climbed into the car (they picked me up from work yesterday), I asked if anyone had any food on hand. Unfortunately all my mom had were some walnuts, a mini chocolate candy and some hot chocolate. I passed on all of that because I wanted some real food! I couldn't believe how all that food left me hungry. I had had lunch at 12:30 and the popchips sometime around 5pm and just couldn't stop thinking about food all afternoon. I don't have a proper desk yet (I'm not sure if I'm getting one at all), so I don't know if/when I'll be able to store snacks at work.

I immediately came home and inhaled my leftover breakfast (I only managed to eat half before running out of time) and then made myself this snack:an orange and some blueberries while I roasted a whole bunch of veggies:Zucchini, sweet potato, white potato, carrots, mushrooms and a red pepper. I was lazy and just threw everything into the oven at the same time, which wasn't a great idea. Dinner was had a little less than an hour later (again, I should have checked this earlier):Just a small plate of roast veggies since I was kind of full from my mish-mash of other food.


And now onto today's eats...sadly I only have one photo from my lunch:
I had roast veggies that I had made the night before, an omelet with tomatoes and onions and as snacks I had blueberries, mini carrots, radish slices and a small block of cream cheese, as well as Ryvita crackers which are unpictured.


Seanington said...

that looks like the roast veggies you gave me for work... mm. yep, bye bye beardo... it's sort of sad. it was quite majestic. you should make your pictures smaller when you click on them... too much detail! now i know that i have to fix my unibrow! jeeze.

Dominique said...

Hahha, I can't...it's too much effort. Do you see all the photos from that post? In order to adjust them all I'd have to go into Photoshop and edit them and then re-save them, yadda yadda yadda... You're not supposed to be clicking on the photos anyway--no one does that!

Your beard is hardly majestic when it makes an appearance at least twice a year. I've already seen it enough this year.

Seanington said...

obviously SOMEBODY does that because i did it! but i don't know why...

Dominique said...

It's because you wanted to see your no-longer majestic beard.