January 16, 2010


My cold is gone, yay! It took a whole week and a half and I had to cave and take medication, but I'm glad it's finally gone. Well, technically it's not fully gone; I still have a bit of a mucus problem to deal with but that's nothing compared to before. My throat is back to normal, my sneezing is gone, body pains are without...oh, no wait...what's that pain I feel in my knee.

For some reason, my knee hurts--a lot. I feel like I've run a marathon and put major strain on my knee even though I've never run a marathon (heck, I don't even run) and don't know what strain on my knee would feel like. All I know is that it hurts to walk up or down the stairs and it really hurts to bend my knee. I can't kneel at all. I've attempted to several times today because of some major re-organizing of my closet and under my desk but many attempts were thwarted because of the pain that would shoot up from my knee.

Yesterday started out late with lunch, leftover rice noodles with beef and scrambled egg sauce:This is actually a really small serving so after that I made myself a cream cheese and radish sandwich on rye:
I honestly keep eating these sandwiches because I'm the only one eating the entire loaf of rye bread right now. The rule of thumb at my house regarding bread is that if you buy it, you're pretty much the only one who is going to eat it unless it's whole wheat pita bread or whole wheat bagels. Those are the only two bread items that are consumed on a daily basis in my house.

In the afternoon Sean and I made a trip downtown but before he came to pick me up, I hauled ass and prepared a stack of whole wheat pancakes that were as tall as Quatchi is wide:
And just for good measure:
The best thing about picking Sean picking up concert tickets downtown at Rotate This, is that just a few stores east is a pastry shop that I absolutely love and aspire to be like, Dufflet Pastries. They have cakes, tarts, cupcakes (standard and mini) and have such a following that people will be $3.25 for a large cupcake (see below). I couldn't resist going on this afternoon and looking at all the treats and because my eyes were so delighted, I wanted to do the same for my tastebuds, so I asked Sean if he would split the Harvest Euro tart (apples, blueberries, rhubarb and strawberries) with me. We also picked up a vanilla cupcake for our friend, Janice, who was meeting up with us after she was done work:
Because we had some time to kill before Janice was done work, we headed into Tim Hortons for coffee (I got a mocha, see below) and asked the ladies for a fork, so Sean and I could split our tart. Yummy!

It was really nice to get together with Janice. I hadn't seen her since a week ago during the dim sum excursion but before that it was in September for a co-worker's wedding!! Sadly, I forgot to take photos of our dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant where we all got our own versions of pho. Mine had rare beef with tendon but don't be disturbed because the very thinly-sliced beef cooks in the wonderfully-flavoured broth. I've heard that some places cook their broth for three whole days! Many restaurants that offer pho will also offer a platter of "acoutrements" including bean sprouts, basil leaves and lime wedges. I take mine with lime and basil leaves.

Dinner talk including overviews of Rec and The Descent and because Janice isn't a fan of horror films, the three of us headed back to her awesome pad to watch episodes of 30 Rock (finally!) We watched the first five episodes, because I was the only one who hadn't seen any of them, and that show is hilarious--but I'm a tad biased because I love Tina Fey.

What an awesome way to spend a Friday night!

Money spent: approx. $11 ($7+ for Dufflet and $3+ for Tims; Sean paid for dinner)

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