January 20, 2010


I'm a couple days behind on posting. My excuse? A headache. Boo. January has not been a fun month so far in terms of headaches and migraines. Not cool considering that I no longer have health insurance and limited amounts of Zomig, my migraine medication of choice. Anyway, here's a quick recap of food for the past couple of days:

Woke up late and went right into lunch...small bowl of salsa and blue corn chips:Followed by a small bowl of leftover rice noodles and various veggies:Five hours later I was consuming this cream cheese, radish and cucumber sandwich with mini carrots and a mug of vanilla peppermint tea:And then dinner was three hours later...basmati rice with dad's beef and tomato sauce and a side of okra:My sweet tooth called and I answered with these two thin chocolate-rolled crepes covered in Belgian chocolate. I'm not a fan of chocolate by any means but they are ridiculously good. I have to limit myself to two:Money spent: $0


Yesterday's eats...I woke up early but had a bunch of things to do in the morning so I ended up eating breakfast on-the-go--a ham and egg bun while in the Asian supermarket, which might actually account of my headache. Oh well, either way I would have ended up with a headache.

As a result, lunch wasn't eaten until 2pm and it was just leftovers...Catelli Smart macaroni with dad's beef and tomato sauce:I was still a little peckish so I went for half a raisin bread:And I was STILL feeling hungry so I had a cream cheese, radish and cucumber sandwich on one slice of rye bread along with some mini carrots, a clementine and an unpictured mug of vanilla earl grey:After that I decided to busy myself with some TV but then had a miserable headache and ended up taking a nap between 4-8pm, at which point I talked to Sean for an hour and then had this for dinner:Basmati rice with free-range chicken, broccoli, random green peppers and I topped mine off with kidney beans that my dad had made a soup with. A couple of hours later I decided to have a bowl of grapes and another mug of vanilla earl grey. That was my two days of eats! And yes, despite all that food, I somehow managed to lose a couple of pounds, which pretty much puts me back at where I was before, so I'm happy, but I still have 8 pounds to lose.

Money spent: $28.54 (commemorative stamps)

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