January 18, 2010


The weekend was awesome! Not so much Saturday because I actually spent most of it (a good six hours) re-organizing my room (under my desk and closet) but Sunday was great! Let's do a recap:

Saturday morning started out rather well with a breakfast of whole wheat pancakes, a banana and pure maple syrup...The banana was so sweet and so ripe though that after one dip of the maple syrup, I decided to nix the rest of it and just enjoyed my pancakes with the banana slices.

And from breakfast we go straight to midnight snack of fruit:which consisted of an orange and a kiwi. Okay, okay, I lied...there was definitely more food consumed than just these two photographs show but not much more.

Between re-organizing, of which I'm become a big fan since becoming unemployed, I had a couple bowls of vermicelli soup, half a raisin bun and ummm...that's it. Cleaning pretty much consumed me on Saturday. Other than a phone call from Sean on Saturday night, that's all I did. So clearly Saturday wasn't the high point of the weekend.

Sunday was definitely the best part of the weekend but I'm saving Sunday's food photos for a restaurant review. In the meanwhile, check out this hilarious restaurant photo:Until next time...

Money spent: $0 (staying at home to clean is awesome!)

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