January 15, 2010


A very weird post on yesterday's eats...

Woke up late yesterday, sun was shining, decided to pretend it was spring and warm. Made a "springtime" lunch:Cream cheese and radish sandwich on rye with kiwi, baby carrots and more radishes. What can I say...I'm a creature of habit...and good taste. Plus I kind of love this picture:Spent the afternoon making whole wheat pancakes, here's my portion:Delicious and cute.


Sean and I watched Pretty in Pink yesterday. I've seen that movie a whole bunch of times but Sean had missed out on the ending so I watched it with him. It was fun being able to watch it with someone and pick out things I had previously missed out on, like the couple dancing up a storm on the dance floor in the prom scene. Why have I never seen them before??

Dinner was with Sean at "our" Chinese restaurant. He had deep-fried squid tentacles in spicy salt and I had rice noodles with beef and scrambled eggs, which is actually more of an egg sauce than actual scrambled eggs.

I'm happy to report that my cold is pretty much all gone. I think I was using some soon-to-be-expired Tylenol Cold that just wasn't doing the trick and switching to one that wasn't expired was a good idea.

Money spent: $0 (Sean paid for dinner)

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