January 24, 2010


I spent Friday making black sesame macarons (using black sesame powder) and while they did rise with feet, they turned out a little more brown than I would have liked. They taste great but I still have yet to fill them. On Saturday I woke up early and made more macarons, this time a batch of chocolate macarons, a second batch of black sesame macarons (this time using a different recipe) and today, a batch of strawberry macarons (using powdered freeze-dried strawberries).

Out of all four batches, the only ones that turned out perfectly were the chocolate macarons that I filled with chocolate mint ganache. I'm usually a stickler for perfection and while I wouldn't normally post my imperfect macarons, it would probably serve me well in the future to document my mistakes. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos right now. I want to fill them first and then photograph them and then I'll post about each one in detail. (I'll edit this post accordingly.)

Chocolate macarons with chocolate mint ganache:
Tumbled onto the plate:A yummy mess:Inside of the macarons:

I'll be starting my new job in 12 hours! I'm still really nervous but excited. I'm just nervous because I really want this job to work out. I really want a steady job; a workplace I can stay at for at least the next five years, where I get along with my co-workers, a friendly and supportive environment...and I'm really hoping that this one's THE one. I also don't want to get over-excited about it...I am nervous about it; I want to fit in, I want to understand the training, I want to get it. I'll report back about my first day tomorrow!


Seanington said...

it took me a few seconds before i realized that those were macarons that YOU made and not ones from that place downtown, hahaha. they looked good. also they tasted pretty good for chocolate flavoured things, of which i am not normally a fan. but mint fixes many things.

Dominique said...

Yes! I can't believe my macarons were that awesome that you mistook them for things that people would actually pay for. SCORE! I'm not a fan of chocolate either but like I said, I had a hard time not eating all of them.