January 22, 2010


I just signed my new employment contract this morning--wahoo! To be honest, I was getting a little disheartened about the whole job seeking thing--feeling like I was never going to be able to find a job given all the positions I applied for--but on the afternoon of feeling this way, I got a call from my future employer and guess what, I'm now employed! I start on Monday and while I don't want to give away to many details, I'm just really excited about my new position. It's something completely new and thefore, really exciting but at the same time a little bit scary because as I mentioned before, it's completely not within my field, but the work I'll be doing is completely within my range. Woo hooooooooo!

And moving onto the food photos...I opted for a small breakfast...just a banana blueberry muffin with whole wheat flour:
Then after puttering about the kitchen with my dad for quite some time, I decided on some roast veggies for lunch. Here they are all laid out on the baking sheet. We have a sweet potato, white potato, two carrots, a big red onion and a couple heads of garlic.Everything was covered in olive oil, salt, pepper and dried thyme and then roasted for an hour at 350F. For the first 40 minutes I had the above in the oven while the following waited outside:White button mushrooms, with the same seasonings, waiting to be added to the baking sheet. Mmm...roasted mushrooms!

Once the veggies were about 15 minutes away from being done, I realized that I needed something to bulk up my lunch a little bit so I decided to start cooking some wild mixed-grain rice. But once the veggies were done and the rice wasn't, my stomach started nagging at me so I had this in the meanwhile:A Ryvita cracker topped with cream cheese, a couple cloves of roasted garlic smooshed and I topped that off with the sliced cucumbers above. Yummy!!

Finally, an hour and a half after the whole process began, this was my lunch:And then dinner ended up being a LARGE BOWL OF PHO because I am totally crazy and thought that this tiny body could handle a large bowl of pho while Sean ordered a small bowl of pho. Jeebs, what was I thinking? Well, honestly, I was eating sometime afte 2:30 in the afternoon and hadn't eaten anything since then and I was really hungry and thought that my stomach could handle it. And well, to tell you the truth, I took that bowl of pho to town! I did the best I could...this time trying not to slurp up as much soup as I normally do and focusing more on the rice noodles themselves. I managed to finish my noodles but left some of the thinly-sliced beef and beef brisket behind. Sigh...I would have let my dad down.

Anyway, after waddling out of the pho restaurant and heading downtown to (finally) catch Dinosaur Jr. in concert, I told Sean to remind me about this very evening should I ever decide to order another large bowl of pho. EVER! No matter how hungry I say I am.

The End.

PS: The show was awesome!

Money spent: $19+ (pho for two with drinks)


Seanington said...

so many guitar solos.... long, flowing locks of silver hair, shorter but equally interesting curly black hair, yet sadly no big bald head. wonder why they stopped murph from entering the country?

Dominique said...

Yeah apparently the interwebz is not saying why Murph never showed up. I iz not ready for the 26th.