January 7, 2010


To be honest, I can't remember anything that I ate on the 5th except for my breakfast because I have photographic evidence of it. So here's my breakfast of instant oats with the same elements as yesterday:Peaches, strawberries and more almonds. And just so you don't think I'm actually eating a bowl of just fruit and nuts, here's evidence of my oatmeal:
Oh no...now I remember why there wasn't any photographic evidence of lunch...it was McDonald's...from a Walmart, no less!

Since there was no Quarter Pounder value meal, I went with a double cheeseburger, small fries and medium Coke option. It was $4.50 all together...kind of expensive for a small of everything. I had originally anticipated Sean carrying around his McD coupons but I guess he switched coats or something because his coupons were not on him and because I wanted something cheap and not sit-down, I opted for McDonalds. Hey, I'm unemployed...I don't have all kinds of cash to put to good, homemade food!

Anyway, dinner was a little more responsible (health-wise) and tasty, courtesy of Sean's parents, Sean's mom to be exact! She made beef roast with roast broccoli, canned corn and a baked potato. It was ridiculously good. It was so good I had one and a half slices of beef, despite knowing that beef is a major IBS-trigger for me. I was kind of nervous about that for the rest of the night--especially when Sean and I had plans to go tobogganing in the dark after dinner--but a quick lie down did the trick and it was fun times after that!

Evidence...pre-tobogganing photo:

Post-tobogganing photo:

Sean's snow angel on the left; mine on the right (look at how small mine is compared to his):

I love the winter time like crazy! Tobogganing was super fun but also kind of cold. I wish I had had proper footwear (borrowed Sean's mom's boots) and snowpants. It kind of sucks tobogganing in jeans (they do NOT keep the wet out) but it was hella fun. I totally want to go again--soon!

Money spent: $7.99 ($4.50 McD's + $3.49 Tims)

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