January 11, 2010


I'm a day behind in blogging--whoops! I actually thought I had posted yesterday with the eats from the 9th. I guess I must have dreamed that post up. Anyway, I woke up late on Saturday morning to find this for lunch:
Catelli Smart macaroni with canned salmon and parsley. Normally that wouldn't be a bad thing, however, I was a little bit irate when I found out that someone had used my entire jar of Catelli Smart pasta to make lunch. So from this entire jar:
only this was left:
I was shocked considering how a box of Catelli costs about $3. I was also not impressed considering that a box of Catelli Smart normally lasts me at least 5-6 meals, if not more. What's even worse is that two days later, there's a stainless steel bowl of leftover pasta on the counter that no one is eating that will more than likely end up in the green bin. What a waste!

In between lunch, I had a bit of this:
Four squares of Lindt Swiss Classic with raisins, hazelnut and almonds. Then I went back and finished my pasta.

A couple of hours after that I had a cup of vanilla early grey tea with two biscuits:
About an hour after that, I split this sandwich with my dad:
Two slices of pumpernickel bread with cream cheese, thinly-sliced radishes and watercress.

Then I had dinner four hours later...some kind of fish with leftover pasta and some kind of Chinese veg:
As usual, I didn't finish all my dinner. As good as this fish was, I have to ask my dad about what kind of fish this was, I couldn't finish it all. I did finish off the veg and pasta, but 1/3 of the fish remained.

I spent the rest of the evening clearing out my closet and underneath my bed. I'm actually trying to downside the amount of stuff I have...shoes, clothes, purses, etc. I just have TONS of stuff. All kinds of stuff and it really is time to downsize. I spent about 3 hours on-and-off clearing out a ton of stuff and it feels really good. Because I'm embarrassed about the state of my room, here's a before and after of just my bed:

I never make my bed so while my bed still looks like a mess, it's actually clean! There was really just a bunch of clothes, calendars and my exercise ball. As you can see, some of the clothes made it over to the sofa chair at the side of my bed and my drums need a major cleaning but that'll be done on another day because it's time for another post.

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