November 18, 2010


I'm still here. I know it's been more than a month since my last post. To tell you that so much has happened is beyond an understatement. There was Halloween, my dad's birthday, a trip to the ER, four separate attempts at rush tickets for Wicked (the results to come) and lots of baking* and cooking. Most of it was documented--the baking and cooking aspects, not the trip to the ER--although I suppose it would have wasted some more time but my thoughts weren't on that while I sat in the waiting area contemplating my high blood pressure. Crikey, I'm only 27!

Several posts are forthcoming...during the weekend. Thank goodness I didn't enter the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog. I probably would have had to quit my job just to keep up with the weekly challenges.

*The baking involved cupcakes, cookies and a fantastic six-layer chocolate and peanut butter cake that was gluten-free and almost vegan. Where the hell is one supposed to purchase soy creamer in the Markham-Stouffville area?!