January 31, 2010


I was initially looking for some matcha tea (ground Japanese green tea) in a new-ish Asian grocery store when I came across this giant package:It bills itself as milk tea for "anytime anywhere" yet calls itself 3:15pm? Well, whatever. At 3.99 for 18 individually packets, it was a helluva lot cheaper than the cold milk tea I was used to purchasing from the Chinese restaurant next door to my old workplace, which I hadn't been to in almost 4 weeks.

I checked out the ingredient list and didn't find anything too offending, except for the soybean oil and corn syrup solids, which is part of the creamer:Eh, you win some, you lose some. It's definitely better than paying $2 for a cold milk tea.

Inside are individual packets that look just like the outside packaging: I kind of like it. It looks calm. And inside the smaller packaging is a tea bag filled with black tea, sugar and white powder. That's the creamer, silly! Get your head out of the gutter!! I'll try and take a pic of it before adding the water next time.

Anyway, so you put the tea bag into your fave mug (or any mug if your fave mug is nowhere to be found) and then add 7oz. of boiling water (or eyeball it if you don't know how much 7oz. of water is, like me):Then you let it steep for a few minutes or stir like crazy and squeeze the tea bag with a spoon to make it steep faster (though that doesn't really work) and then drink it up!

Be warned that the milk tea is crazy sweet. I mean, CRAZY sweet. It really takes some getting used to. Otherwise, I think it's the closest I'll ever get to a real Hong Kong milk tea that you can purchase in a restaurant without having to pay a hefty $2 price tag. Oh and you can also have it cold if you just add some ice cubes. This will definitely be a repurchase.

January 30, 2010


Facing yet another $125+ cell phone bill in which I couldn't understand my data usage, I finally called my cell phone provider and guess what, she was able to remove those charges and go back three months to figure out why I was being charged extra! It resulted in a in a credit of $160!! Plus she advised me on adding $6 for unlimited texting considering that my monthly text charges were hovering around $25. She was great. I wish I had remembered her name so I could have sent in a thing about her to my cell phone provider. Ever since working in retail and being a manager, I now realize the importance of making sure companies know just how happy/unhappy you are with the service you are receiving; this is why I try to voice my complaints/compliments whenever I see fit. I'm actually in the process of sending in a compliment to the TTC for the fantastic service I received earlier this month. Crazy, right? Well, as crazy as it does sound, the driver of my bus (I wish I had remembered to check the bus number) did a fantastic job of getting everyone to their destination in a great time and when he forgot to stop at my stop (it's too close to a previous stop in order to ring the bell in time), he asked if I had boots on so I wouldn't have to walk through the really tall snow. What a great guy.

So I'm done with my first week of work and wow, what a crazy week! So much going on, not just work-related. I feel like I was constantly on the go without much down time. I am really ready for this weekend except that Saturday's already over and the only thing I've managed to get done is the laundry, boo.


Now onto the eats...from the 27th:
Breakfast was oatmeal with frozen peaches that I nuked in the microwave for a minute. No picture because I was running late. It's ironic that I constantly am running late even though I live like five mintues away.

Lunch was the following:
Orechiette with organic all beef hot dog (that I cooked out of the sausage lining) along with the roast veggies.
For snacks I brought along Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa and blue corn and unsalted chips:And fruits of the day consisted of grapes, a clementine and blueberries:Dinner that night was brown rice, liver and onions and a whole lotta veggies:I have to admit that I actually hate liver (this was veal liver--ew!) but if it's loaded with a TON of caramelized onions I'll eat it on the odd occasion--mainly because I can't taste the liver. Today was not that kind of night though.

Later in the evening I headed over to Jessie's and we made creme brulee:Do you like our Mickey Mouse set up? Jessie, her mom and I ate the big ramekin and her dad already sneaked away one of the small ones. I also had an Oreo McFlurry and medium French fries after the veal liver debaucle.


From the 28th...breakfast was organic maple spice oatmeal with blueberries and peaches and a mug of milk tea:Lunch was leftover orechiette with the hot dog and roast veggies, mini carrots, grapes and blueberries hidden underneath the grapes.
I also brought along a snack bento of TONS of fruit:Two clementines, a pear, grapes and strawberries. I also never got around to the salsa and chips from the day before so I brought those back again:For dinner Sean and I went out for sushi. I thought we were going to our standby, Sushi on 7, an all-you-can-eat buffet but Sean wanted to try somewhere different, so we headed to Ginza Sushi instead. Sadly, I have no photos of the meal. I do remember most of the stuff we ordered which included sweet potato tempura (even though we had ordere purple yam tempura), two special rolls (Black Pearl roll and a deep-fried California roll), a tuna maki, crispy salmon maki, a few handrolls and I think that's it. It was definitely too much food but really, really good. The handroll was so fresh and delicious. I absolutely love handrolls (salmon and unagi being my fave) but can never order more than one or two because they fill me up too quickly. We took the leftovers home, which included half of each of the "special" rolls.


From the 29th...Friday's breakfast #1 was two slices of rye toast with jam and a bit of leftover omelet which you will see later, plus a mug of 3:15pm milk tea (which I will review in another post). I neglected to take a pic because I was in a rush. Then at work, breakfast #2 was two hash browns (cooked at Sean's the night before), plus a two-egg omelet with mushrooms):This was definitely a great idea. I had a 30-minute break at 10:30 so along with my 3:15 milk tea, it was a great second breakfast.
Lunch was at 2:30pm and I had leftover sushi from the night before along with this snack bento:Strawberries, mini carrots, grapes and a clementine. I didn't finish it all but saved the rest for later, which ended up going in the fridge when I came home late at night.
Dinner for the evening was take-out from the hot section of T&T Supermarket--you'll see it later.


Now for today's eats!!
I slept in until noon (man, it felt good!) so I had my leftover Chines food for lunch:Rice with roast pork and duck and some veggies. After eating this I still felt hungry and then ate two Pot of Gold chocolates (when did those boxes get so tiny?!), one chocolate crepe biscuit and a banana some time around 4:30pm. I really need to get back to photographing my food. It seems to help to photography my food because it keeps what I eat in check.

Dinner tonight was honey garlic ribs with mini carrots, fried plantain and some kind of Chinese green. I think they're called garlic bulbs but I'm not sure, along with a mug of mango juice:

And you'd be right in assuming that mug is from Petro-Canada and features the Vancouver 2010 Olympics symbol! On the ride home from Jessie's on Wednesday night, we popped by the Petro-Canada to see if they had the latest mug in stock (see above) so Jessie could pick one up and of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up more Olympic swag. So I picked up two of the mugs above and two other mugs, the Robson, a 14-ounce glass featuring the symbol as well as the bear and person. The back of the glass above features the bird along with a person. I kind of want a set of four of each (there's four in total) but that means 16 Olympic-themed drinking glasses/mugs and considering that Sean and I are only two people, it seems a little excessive. It's just that most mug/glass sets always come in sets of four. Oh well.

January 25, 2010


I'm behind on my food recaps! I've been hit with a bout of migraines for the past two days, plus starting my new job yesterday (!) and just feeling exhausted after staring at a computer screen for eight hours...the last thing I've wanted to do is spend more time on the computer. Plus, the raccoons kept me up all night Sunday/Monday morning so I had about five hours of on-and-off sleep before starting my new job. Let's just hope no one saw me dozing off in front of my screen because I was seriously SO tired! I even went to bed at 10 last night just to make up for lack of sleep. I don't think I've ever gone to bed that early except for when I was really sick--like when I had pneumonia five years ago.

Anyway, back to food recaps...let's try and do this quickly...Friday was spent making macarons and some other unmentioned stuff so the only thing I ate was the following at Sean's house:Take-out container of rice with Chinese dried sausage and pork with some broccoli. Unbelievably tasty but so bad for you but so good for me since it was the only thing I ate all day. Oh and Sean trimmed his beard! He looks so good now:I think we make the best couple--obviously!

Saturday's eats were a little more interesting. Spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch...Leftover wild grain rice with broccoli and beef and cucumber salad for dinner... And dessert was a Christmas-themed bowl of grapes and a clementine...
On Sunday I misplaced my camera so the only food photo I was able to take was dinner after my camera had been found:Basmati rice with roast duck and green beans.

Yesterday was my first day back to work--I make it seem like I was out of work FOREVER when it was really just three weeks--and I got up really early, sort of, to make myself a proper breakfast (sorry--it's out of focus):Two slices of rye bread with a clementine and an organic pork and blueberry sausage.

I made myself a full bento for lunch:Leftover roast duck, mini carrots, two-layered heart-shaped wild rice/white rice, green beans; clementines, grapes and blueberries and a bag of BBQ popchips for snack.

Sadly, that was not enough food. Right after saying hello to my parents as I climbed into the car (they picked me up from work yesterday), I asked if anyone had any food on hand. Unfortunately all my mom had were some walnuts, a mini chocolate candy and some hot chocolate. I passed on all of that because I wanted some real food! I couldn't believe how all that food left me hungry. I had had lunch at 12:30 and the popchips sometime around 5pm and just couldn't stop thinking about food all afternoon. I don't have a proper desk yet (I'm not sure if I'm getting one at all), so I don't know if/when I'll be able to store snacks at work.

I immediately came home and inhaled my leftover breakfast (I only managed to eat half before running out of time) and then made myself this snack:an orange and some blueberries while I roasted a whole bunch of veggies:Zucchini, sweet potato, white potato, carrots, mushrooms and a red pepper. I was lazy and just threw everything into the oven at the same time, which wasn't a great idea. Dinner was had a little less than an hour later (again, I should have checked this earlier):Just a small plate of roast veggies since I was kind of full from my mish-mash of other food.


And now onto today's eats...sadly I only have one photo from my lunch:
I had roast veggies that I had made the night before, an omelet with tomatoes and onions and as snacks I had blueberries, mini carrots, radish slices and a small block of cream cheese, as well as Ryvita crackers which are unpictured.

January 24, 2010


I spent Friday making black sesame macarons (using black sesame powder) and while they did rise with feet, they turned out a little more brown than I would have liked. They taste great but I still have yet to fill them. On Saturday I woke up early and made more macarons, this time a batch of chocolate macarons, a second batch of black sesame macarons (this time using a different recipe) and today, a batch of strawberry macarons (using powdered freeze-dried strawberries).

Out of all four batches, the only ones that turned out perfectly were the chocolate macarons that I filled with chocolate mint ganache. I'm usually a stickler for perfection and while I wouldn't normally post my imperfect macarons, it would probably serve me well in the future to document my mistakes. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos right now. I want to fill them first and then photograph them and then I'll post about each one in detail. (I'll edit this post accordingly.)

Chocolate macarons with chocolate mint ganache:
Tumbled onto the plate:A yummy mess:Inside of the macarons:

I'll be starting my new job in 12 hours! I'm still really nervous but excited. I'm just nervous because I really want this job to work out. I really want a steady job; a workplace I can stay at for at least the next five years, where I get along with my co-workers, a friendly and supportive environment...and I'm really hoping that this one's THE one. I also don't want to get over-excited about it...I am nervous about it; I want to fit in, I want to understand the training, I want to get it. I'll report back about my first day tomorrow!

January 23, 2010


Just finished making chocolate macarons with chocolate mint ganache. Here's a teaser...More to come...

January 22, 2010


I just signed my new employment contract this morning--wahoo! To be honest, I was getting a little disheartened about the whole job seeking thing--feeling like I was never going to be able to find a job given all the positions I applied for--but on the afternoon of feeling this way, I got a call from my future employer and guess what, I'm now employed! I start on Monday and while I don't want to give away to many details, I'm just really excited about my new position. It's something completely new and thefore, really exciting but at the same time a little bit scary because as I mentioned before, it's completely not within my field, but the work I'll be doing is completely within my range. Woo hooooooooo!

And moving onto the food photos...I opted for a small breakfast...just a banana blueberry muffin with whole wheat flour:
Then after puttering about the kitchen with my dad for quite some time, I decided on some roast veggies for lunch. Here they are all laid out on the baking sheet. We have a sweet potato, white potato, two carrots, a big red onion and a couple heads of garlic.Everything was covered in olive oil, salt, pepper and dried thyme and then roasted for an hour at 350F. For the first 40 minutes I had the above in the oven while the following waited outside:White button mushrooms, with the same seasonings, waiting to be added to the baking sheet. Mmm...roasted mushrooms!

Once the veggies were about 15 minutes away from being done, I realized that I needed something to bulk up my lunch a little bit so I decided to start cooking some wild mixed-grain rice. But once the veggies were done and the rice wasn't, my stomach started nagging at me so I had this in the meanwhile:A Ryvita cracker topped with cream cheese, a couple cloves of roasted garlic smooshed and I topped that off with the sliced cucumbers above. Yummy!!

Finally, an hour and a half after the whole process began, this was my lunch:And then dinner ended up being a LARGE BOWL OF PHO because I am totally crazy and thought that this tiny body could handle a large bowl of pho while Sean ordered a small bowl of pho. Jeebs, what was I thinking? Well, honestly, I was eating sometime afte 2:30 in the afternoon and hadn't eaten anything since then and I was really hungry and thought that my stomach could handle it. And well, to tell you the truth, I took that bowl of pho to town! I did the best I could...this time trying not to slurp up as much soup as I normally do and focusing more on the rice noodles themselves. I managed to finish my noodles but left some of the thinly-sliced beef and beef brisket behind. Sigh...I would have let my dad down.

Anyway, after waddling out of the pho restaurant and heading downtown to (finally) catch Dinosaur Jr. in concert, I told Sean to remind me about this very evening should I ever decide to order another large bowl of pho. EVER! No matter how hungry I say I am.

The End.

PS: The show was awesome!

Money spent: $19+ (pho for two with drinks)

January 21, 2010


The raccoons are keeping me up. I also can't sleep because I'm hungry. This happens almost every night because I tend to catch up on my regular list of food blogs in the evening (it's a nice way to wind down the day) but everyone's food photos make me hungry. I forgot to exercise today too...oops!

Skipped breakfast today and puttered around the kitchen for quite some time. I wasn't really craving anything for lunch so instead of eating for the sake of it, I waited until I was hungry and inspired and came up with this:A whole wheat pita and I spread half with cream cheese, a small bowl type thing with kidney bean soup, mini carrots, cucumber slices, grapes and a clementine. It was a fun "snacky" platter.Surprisingly all that kept me full while I baked three different batches of muffins and ate two of the three as an afternoon snack before dinner...Martha Stewart's healthy banana blueberry muffins and a blueberry cornmeal muffin from All Recipes:I had a pre-dinner "snack" of a bowl of kidney soup and rice with a glass of organic milk:and then I just had to taste the three muffin...the same blueberry cornmeal muffin, this time with applesauce instead of melted butter and added frozen strawberries:Dinner was obviously not until a couple hours later at which point I had very small platter of three honey and garlic pork ribs, a veggie spring roll and some rice with sweet and sour squid:But of course the day's eats could not be done--this is me we're talking about! My stomach is hardly ever full so about 3.5 hours later I wanted a snack and decided that a small plate of pineapple would suffice along with this Ryvita cracker with cream cheese and sliced radishes:and then I decided it was time to close the kitchen--for real!

Sometimes Sean jokes that I have a tapeworm in my stomach because I eat so much but somehow manage to lose or maintain my weight with little to no exercise and he has no idea how I do it. Honestly, I have no idea how I do it either. If you think about it and look back at the food I've eaten, it's really just small amounts of food really frequently throughout the day. So while it looks like a lot of food, most of it is healthy and not in large quantities.

Or maybe I just do have a tapeworm.

Money spent: $0

January 20, 2010


I'm a couple days behind on posting. My excuse? A headache. Boo. January has not been a fun month so far in terms of headaches and migraines. Not cool considering that I no longer have health insurance and limited amounts of Zomig, my migraine medication of choice. Anyway, here's a quick recap of food for the past couple of days:

Woke up late and went right into lunch...small bowl of salsa and blue corn chips:Followed by a small bowl of leftover rice noodles and various veggies:Five hours later I was consuming this cream cheese, radish and cucumber sandwich with mini carrots and a mug of vanilla peppermint tea:And then dinner was three hours later...basmati rice with dad's beef and tomato sauce and a side of okra:My sweet tooth called and I answered with these two thin chocolate-rolled crepes covered in Belgian chocolate. I'm not a fan of chocolate by any means but they are ridiculously good. I have to limit myself to two:Money spent: $0


Yesterday's eats...I woke up early but had a bunch of things to do in the morning so I ended up eating breakfast on-the-go--a ham and egg bun while in the Asian supermarket, which might actually account of my headache. Oh well, either way I would have ended up with a headache.

As a result, lunch wasn't eaten until 2pm and it was just leftovers...Catelli Smart macaroni with dad's beef and tomato sauce:I was still a little peckish so I went for half a raisin bread:And I was STILL feeling hungry so I had a cream cheese, radish and cucumber sandwich on one slice of rye bread along with some mini carrots, a clementine and an unpictured mug of vanilla earl grey:After that I decided to busy myself with some TV but then had a miserable headache and ended up taking a nap between 4-8pm, at which point I talked to Sean for an hour and then had this for dinner:Basmati rice with free-range chicken, broccoli, random green peppers and I topped mine off with kidney beans that my dad had made a soup with. A couple of hours later I decided to have a bowl of grapes and another mug of vanilla earl grey. That was my two days of eats! And yes, despite all that food, I somehow managed to lose a couple of pounds, which pretty much puts me back at where I was before, so I'm happy, but I still have 8 pounds to lose.

Money spent: $28.54 (commemorative stamps)