January 8, 2010


My plans for the 6th were as follows: doctor's appointment downtown, find CDs for Sean and find boots for myself. (The boots are an early-birthday present from my parents.) Other than that, the plan for the day was to not spend any money. In order to make my life a little easier and because I would be downtown during peak lunch hour (my appointment was at 10 and I knew I'd be downtown until at least noon), I made myself a snack bento:Whole wheat Triscuits, clementine, Life Choices organic mac 'n cheese and roasted salted almonds. They definitely did the trick while I was on the subway on the way home. I devoured the nuts and clementine.

Once at home I lamented the fact that there was nothing to eat right away (I really did not feel like cooking) but remembered Sean's turkey vegetable barley soup in my mini fridge and quickly heated it up on the stove. Minutes later, I was enjoying this with the addition of some leftover basmati rice for bulk:This soup was so flavourful! The addition of herbs is really what did it. Typically, when my mom makes turkey soup with the leftover carcass from our Christmas turkey, she kind of just throws everything together in a pot and about 45 minutes later, I get soup. Sean's process was lengthier but definitely worth it. As a result I've been hoarding the photos away and have asked him to do a special guest post about his soup. Stay tuned!

As satisfying as this soup was (I went back for seconds), my mouth was still craving more food so I popped some organic multigrain chicken fingers into the toaster oven while I did some chores and talked to Sean on the phone. 20 minutes later I was enjoying this (though this is a re-created photo).

Sean picked me up shortly after that and we had plans for skating at an outdoor skating rink but alas, damn those hockey players for ruining our plans! Instead we headed over to one of Sean's friends' places nearby, watched the hockey game (Leafs vs. Flyers), ordered pizza and after the first period (boo Flyers!) tried to go skating again--this time with success!

Sean and I ordered a medium pie from Pizza Pizza. Half of it was Hawaiian and the other half was spinach, mushrooms and black olives:I had this times two plus one slices of Hawaiian and that was that. I should have stopped at two slices but I had been craving pizza for two, three days and when it comes to me and cravings, I know that I have to conquer the craving, otherwise I'll just eat everything in sight until I get to eat the one thing I was craving anyway. But back to skating...

Note to self: when you have a funny ankle bone that sticks out just a little bit too much, it's important to wear proper socks when going skating in skates you haven't worn in years and are fairly new. Otherwise skating is totally unbearable for more than 10 minutes. Seriously, as excited as I was to skate...Sean and I haven't been skating in at least a year, possibly a year and a half and I bug him to go skating every winter, this was just too painful.

So, in regards to being downtown and being surrounded by post-Christmas sales, aside from purchasing the winter boots which was an early-birthday present from my parents, I managed not to spend a single penny! I am extremely proud of myself! There were many things on sale and many things I wanted to buy (Capezio had an awesome pair of bronze metallic Pumas for $89), I knew that I had to save instead. Honestly, after going to four different HMVs and at least seven different shoe stores, I was done with shopping that day. I'm pretty much done with shopping all together nowadays. It's so much easier to just sit in the comfort of your home, in your PJs browsing the internet for what you want than to run around a mall looking for your item, dealing with rude or slow sales associates and then waiting in line to make your purchase.

Money spent: $0--Sean paid for the pizza :)

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