January 8, 2010


Yesterday started off really late, like "wake up at 11, check your e-mail and then have your dad call you for lunch" late, so my day of eats started off with lunch instead:Fried rice with dried Chinese sausage and green onions with a "side" of watercress salad. This was really just a quick mix of watercress, red onion, olive oil, salt and vinegar. Ridiculously simple but good. I keep forgetting how tasty watercress is. I used to add that into my salads all the time.

After that I was still feeling hungry but instead of eating some potato chips that were beside my laptop, I decided to make a salad out of a watermelon my dad bought me:
Watermelon chunks, watercress, mint, red onion, olive oil and salt. So simple and so good. There's something about watermelon and mint that I totally love. Actually, I know it's the combo and savoury and sweet; I'm kind of addicted.

Later in the afternoon I was feeling a little bit noshy, so I decided to have a bowl of lentil soup with some leftover organic chicken strips:And then some time after that I had a mug of tea (Starbucks Refresh) with a pear:And then I tried to stop eating until dinnertime, which consisted of stir-fried Iceberg, fried beef, mashed gingery pumpkin (too much ginger for me) and basmati rice (which I laddled some lentil soup over). It was probably too much food but I ate it all anyway.
And then later in the evening I wanted something sweet to eat but thank goodness we didn't have any ice cream or popsicles or any dessert of that sort, so I relied on some frozen fruits (peaches, strawberries), a banana and a crushed up raspberry oat bar. Everything was zapped in the microwave for a minute and it was great; warm and satisfying.
I don't know why I feel hungry all the time now. I also ate a couple of coconut macaroons from the Mandarin (I can't believe I still have some left!). It's probably from boredom. I was stuck in my room all day--for reasons that will not be explained right now. I also had nothing to keep my hands busy.

Right after consuming the dessert, I decided to catch up on episodes of Dexter while cleaning out my desk drawers and that did the trick until bedtime. I find that as long as I have something to keep my hands busy, I tend not to eat. However, if I'm just watching TV or reading a book (ha! Sean, that was for you), I tend to snack and because I almost always want something savory, I tend to look for actual meals, rather than opting for a cookie or bar of chocolate if I were to crave something sweet. It's the downfall of not having a job right now, I think. I'm not getting as much exercise as I was before...if you can call carrying parcels exercising. I did some weightlifting yesterday but I know it's not often and I can see the extra pounds adding up. It's just 1.5lbs so far but I don't want the month that it all came off, "to go to waste." It's not that I actually tried really hard to lose that weight; it's not like I tried at all. The weight came off from all the stress and work while at work and well, I feel like if I gain all that weight back, it'll be like the stress and frustration and intensity I faced while at the post office was for nothing.

And while there are days when I feel really motivated to work out, what I really want to do the most is run, but I can't. I a) don't have running shoes and b) it's freaking cold outside and I don't have proper running clothes and c) I have asthma. I know that the last excuse is just that...an excuse. I know that I could probably run with asthma if I just figured out a way, but right now, sometimes even breathing in the cold gives me problems. Plus, for some reason my tongue is swollen and I is not a happy camper.

I is also huuuuuuuungry!

Money spent: $0!

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