April 7, 2011


I still haven't blogged about the scallop and leek dish I made about a month ago. The scallops which cost me a whopping $8 each! I won't get into the nitty gritty except to say that the Whole Foods seafood guy did a good job of distracting me ;)

I'm three halos away from completing my Nine Inch Nails collection. I just need Halo 4, 15 and 27, the latter of which I'm pretty sure I already owned but somehow lost--along with my Justin Timberlake self-titled CD. Why I have the case and not the CD, I have no idea.

One of my goals for 2011 has been achieved:I finally made a balloon animal! After a VERY failed attempt--before, during and after which Sean probably thought I was completely certifiable--I decided that I was going to try again with balloons purchased at a grocery store instead of a dollar store. An extra 75 cents should do the trick, right? Well they did! Do not underestimate good quality balloons. I made that balloon dog all by myself and yes, I was quite pleased with myself. In fact, so much so that my high-pitched squealing was a bit too much for my dad's old-man ears.

Jenna's recipes are probably the only ones I'll make more than one a week. They really are that good. Just check out her recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies and more recently, these double banana chocolate chip breakfast bars:Sometimes it's dangerous to have a fully-stocked baking pantry. Seriously.

Out of our four cats, we have one who totally acts like a baby (wants to be cradled, meows until you pick him up, etc) and I kinda like it.

It absolutely melts my heart when he gets up on my desk when I'm sitting in front of my laptop and gives me eskimo kisses with his wet nose.