April 26, 2010


Well not, really in my pants per se...more like on my desk. Fatty has ants. Not really but they're certainly coming in from somewhere and she brought one into my bedroom. One is too many so I spent a good amount of time vacuuming my room (yep, at nearly 11pm) and now I'm friggin' pooped. I don't know about you but I find vacuuming a ridiculously good workout. I mean, I power-vacuum, if there is such a thing. I vacuum so vigorously that eventually I work up a sweat. It's probably a bit ridiculous. So between the vacuuming and food blog catching-upping, I was hungry and even though I had already eaten dinner and downed half a mug of vanilla tea, I decided to eat this:

Here's a quickie recap. Lunches last week were pretty redundant but delicious.
Monday was kind of a bust in terms of food photography. I took a few photos but they all kind of look the same and just feature fruit--which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Breakfast was a banana on the go:Yay for glittery blue nail polish. Boo for overripe bananas. Did you guys know that I don't even like bananas? I only like them when they're slightly underripe? I don't like the texture of bananas once they get ripe; it grosses me out because I find them a bit mealy.

Second breakfast to the rescue! Instant oatmeal with ground flax, chia seeds, Lindt sea salt, strawberries and blackberries:Lunch featured a WW EM with prosciutto and cucumber slices along with a bunch more fruit:And that's all I got for ya from Monday.

First breakfast was probably a banana since I have no photographic evidence and I can't remember what I ate. I do have evidence of second breakfast though:Instant organic oatmeal, chia and ground flax, two squares of Lindt sea salt, grapes, blackberries and strawberries. So freakin' delicious! Lunch was also excellent:It doesn't look like much but I had a whole wheat English muffin with organic roast beef, a slice of prosciutto, marinated mushrooms and sliced cucumber (including that fresh fig above):followed by leftover yucca fries and cucumber sticks:And fruits of the day including more grapes, strawberries and blackberries:After work Sean picked me up and since he wanted Chinese food, we headed to our usual chinese restaurant. We ordered a braised noodle with two kinds of mushrooms (including straw mushrooms, my fave!), minced beef rice noodle roll and jellyfish with smoked pork hock. It was waaaay too much food for two people but I had to make Sean proud* so I ate way too much food. But we had leftovers so nothing was wasted. Afterwards we headed back to Sean's place to watch episodes 11-15 of season five of Lost (I'm waaay behind) but ep. 11 was on a separate disc so we opted out of that and watched season one of Glee instead--yay! I munched on an Almond & Coconut Kind bar:and glass of OJ during:
I've already watched the first half of the first season of Glee but had been bugging Sean to watch it during their entire winter hiatus. Finally, he relented, only until after I promised to catch up on Lost.

* I didn't really have to make Sean proud; I just ate a bunch of food because when Sean said that the rice noodle roll would be overkill, I assured him I could eat it because I was REALLY hungry. I just always forget how huge the main portions are at this particular restaurant.


First breakfast was a WW EM with organic, all-natural PB and CB:Lunch was delicious--as always: yet another WW EM with prosciutto, rawsome shrooms and cucumber slices:along with strawberries, grapes and blackberries hidden underneath:I also had a separate container for my pears and figs since they wouldn't fit into the first fruit container:Dinner was a bunch of food! Basmati with steamed free-range chicken, stir-fried waterress, and another veggie stir-fry (celery, fresh shitakes and snowpeas):===

The day started off rather well. No photographic evidence of first or second breakfast but it probably involved peanut butter or coconut butter and oatmeal. Moving onto lunch, I had the exact same sandwich as the day before:along with some yucca fries:Mmmm, yucca fries. But then it went downhill from there. I've been having some IBS-related issues and to get rid of my problems, I thought chicken from McDonalds was the answer. First came the McMini with pesto sauce. I chose to get mine grilled. For $1.99, it really is tiny. To get two for $3.98 would just be ridiculous and you might as well spend your $1.99 on two Taco Bell mini Crunchwraps but hey, that's just me and I'm not supposed to be eating McDonalds' chicken anyway.

But was it tasty? Well, yeah. There's always some kind of tasty crack they put in McDonalds food that keeps making you go back for more. These minuscule chicken sandwiches are no exception.

Unfortunately I didn't stop there. Next up was a six-pack of chicken McNuggets with sweet 'n sour sauce. Ah, such fond memories of these tender morsels from my childhood. Actually, I lied. I was rarely allowed to eat McDonalds when I was a kid. It was more like a luxury. When I had a PA Day (a day off school) and my mom or dad took a day off work and took us into the city for a day of shopping or quality time doing something, one of them would usually treat my brothers and I to McDonalds. The first time I ever remember having McDonalds I was probably around 5 or 6.

One time I had no lunch for school because I had some kind of doctor's appointment and so my dad dropped me off some McDonalds for lunch. It was a Happy Meal. I seriously thought I was the luckiest kid in the entire class that day. It was the biggest treat ever!

To be honest, I'm glad my parents didn't give me McDonalds whenever I begged for it. I'm glad they didn't feed me fries when I was a toddler. Seriously, you don't understand how many times I've seen that while walking through the mall food court. It actually makes me kind of sick. Anyway, this could be a really long discussion but I've got more days to catch up on. Oh and the non-organic chicken kind of did the trick.

First breakfast was pretty rocking...it featured half a WW EM with PB and CB along with some strawberries and grapes:Second breakfast was the usual oatmeal with all the fixin's (including strawberries):and then came lunch:A very epic multigrain sandwich thin with prosciutto, thinly sliced Bartlett pear and rawsome shrooms. Those shrooms really are addictive! Plus mini carrots on the side. Along with more fruit, grapes, pears and apple:Dinner was at Famous Sam's with Sean. We went out shopping after work and I worked up quite the appetite doing so, so I went ahead and ordered the homemade burger combo. I pretty much ate everything but a few of the fries--Sean helped me out with the remainder:Yep, it was a pretty hefty dinner. Fridays are usually my "treat" day. Do you have a designated treat day? If so, what do you usually indulge in?

I spent most of the morning using this to clean my drums:Then I took a break to eat the following stir-fried veggie and pork vermicelli:while catching up on Lost season 5:Afternoon snacks including Nut-Thins Almond crackers (too salty!) and half a raisin bun and deep-fried pork dumpling (latter was not worth the calories):

Dinner was basmati with some kind of fried fish (dad said I would like it, it was okay), stir-fried silk squash and bittermelon with pork:Late-night snackage included prosciutto and ricotta tortellini with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper:Drum cymbals are FINALLY clean!

I had a major migraine in the morning so I slept in and then woke up for lunch, rice noodle soup:I spent the afternoon chillaxin' but later got hungry and decided to try out the free Kashi sample I received in the mail a while back. It was a free offer, you just had to fill in your address online and they'd send you one of two types of cereal. I opted for the Toasted Berry Crisp:

Here's my mini bag of cereal--cute:

So afternoon snackage was my free box of Kashi Berry cereal, along with a mug of tea and the last chocolate fudge cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream:

Dinner ended up being the leg part of a free-range chicken with zucchini and carrots with basmati:Good times!

First breakfast was half a sandwich thin with organic, all-natural PB and CB, along with cucumberade (cucumber, pear and lemon):Second breakfast was the usual organic instant oatmeal with chia, flax and Lindt sea salt (pre-addition of fruits):Lunch was great! I cooked up some Olivieri tortellini with prosciutto and parmesan and added some grilled zucchini strips and had mini carrots on the side:along with pears and apples (we're all out of strawberries):and the last of the chocolate shortbread hearts (thank goodness!):Dinner earlier today was rice with curry (beef and chayote with peas) along with a mug of organic 2% milk:

I'm now consuming this the following cup of tea and half a sandwich thin with processed cheese and an egg, overeasy:

That's my new favourite cat from the cat mug. I like the expression on his face as he reaches up for something.

All that's all she wrote! I really need to get back to my regular daily blogging schedule and pronto!

April 25, 2010


Have you ever spent $6 on a serving of yucca fries only to be greeted by 6-8 fries? Or how about $4, only to be greeted by the same amount of fries? This was my dilemma at the Toronto Zoo and most recently at Arepa Cafe in Toronto. After realizing how much I was paying per fry and thinking in my head that "hey, I'm a decent cook, I could figure out how to make these," I decided to do just that.

I've decided to share my secret on how to make yucca (also known as cassava) fries for less than $1 a fry. So go forth, make your own and start noticing how heavy your pockets will be from all the money you'll be saving.

- a decent-sized yucca (they have a waxy skin; look for one that doesn't have any blemishes and where the wax hasn't started to crack or peel)
- oil for deep-frying (I used the last of the canola oil to finish it off; vegetable oil would be better)
- sea salt, to season
- paprika (optional)

  1. Peel your yucca with a knife:
  2. Cut into fry-like pieces, removing any fibers that should appear. Also cut away any brown bits (tough fibrous parts):
  3. Your fries should look like this when you're done:
  4. Boil the fries for about 8 minutes. Basically you want to be able to pierce the fries with a fork but still be firm. The following were a little bit too tender. I boiled them for 10 minutes. Drain in a colander when done:
  5. Dry your boiled fries on a paper towel, making sure to absorb any excess water. This prevents any oil splatter when you deep-fry them:
  6. Fill a pot with 1" of your chosen oil and commence deep-frying:
Let fries deep-fry for about 5 minutes. Remove from oil and place on paper-towel lined plate to absorb excess oil. Season with salt (and paprika, if using) and enjoy:These were ridiculously delicious and so cheap to make! I couldn't believe I had a whole buttload of yucca fries for a fraction of the cost of the ones at the Toronto Zoo and the restaurant. I think the yucca was only 89 cents per pound so really, my total must have only been a couple dollars for a whole plate load of yucca fries. They were also really easy and didn't require that much effort. I was making four dozen cupcakes while doing this.

I enjoyed these as is, with sea salt, but you can season them any way you like, with paprika, cayenne, dill or with a garlic mayo, spicy guacamole or even some organic ketchup--the possibilities are endless!