April 17, 2010


It feels ridiculous to be two weeks behind in blogging. Could that really be the case? Unfortunately it is and while I feel even more ridiculous using this post to catch up, I'm doing just that. I can't help it. I've used this blog to document my almost-daily meals and I can't just let the photos I've racked up over the past two weeks go to waste. I'm not running on less than 2GB of laptop memory for nothing! So here goes (bare with me...some of it is worth it):

3rd...Saturday (I still can't believe I'm going this far back)
Normally I skip breakfast on the weekend because I tend to sleep in but my schedule has been so "on" lately that my body just wakes up between 8-9 on Saturday morning. Not cool--especially if I've been out late the night before. That means I'm now up early enough to take a shower and grab breakfast, like it's a normal workday (not cool x two). Breakfast was a WW English muffin with PB and CB, Olympic green tea and vanilla yogurt and OJ. I definitely remember not being able to finish the yogurt...you'll see it later:Lunch was uninspiring so I decided to jazz it up:Rotini with salmon and ground flax that I decided to add in. I wanted to incorporate some more fibre since I normally use Catelli Smart pasta (white with fibre added) but on the weekends, when my family is making lunch, they use regular pasta. The ground flax didn't really change the texture of the dish too much. I just ate a really small portion of you can see.

I got snacky in the afternoon and wanting to incorporate the leftover yogurt, I decided to have some yogurt, strawberries and chia seeds:
I mixed everything together and let it stand for 15 minutes so the chia seeds took take on their "jelly" consistency.

Dinner was honey garlic ribs (homemade by dad) with green beans and zucchini and red pepper stir-fry. I have this weird aversion to cooked carrots and red peppers so I picked out the red peppers. I kind of dislike the texture of cooked carrots and red peppers so if I have a choice, I tend to pick them out or scoop around them when picking stuff out. As you can see I didn't fill up my plate and so the right amount of fo

I already did a dinner recap of Easter but in the morning I ate breakfast on the way to church; a WW English muffin with PB and CB:Then I picked up a Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino (no whip, lactard here) from Starbucks while my dad was buying flowers at the Asian grocery store next door:Review: Blech!! Artificial cherry flavour is still just as disgusting as I remember it being when I was a kid. It STILL tastes like medicine. Why the scientists in various labs across the country haven't been able to perfect the artificial taste of a real cherry, I have no clue. I didn't finish this...probably a good idea considering the calories involved.

Lunch was dim sum with my family at our usual dim sum restaurant but I didn't take any photos because I didn't bring anything with me. Even the frappuccino above was bought with my mom's money.

Breakfast was full of unhealthy but delicious treats. I really did feel like treating myself on a Monday morning. I had two cupcake tops (the sections I cut out for my Easter "nest" cupcakes) topped with a bit of Earth Balance and two orange cranberry scones, toasted:Second breakfast was oatmeal with flax, chia seeds, kiwi and strawberry:Lunch was a big salad of spring mix, strawberries and three hard-boiled eggs:Snacks included leftover strawberries and kiwi:And an Easter cupcake:
Dinner was at Sean's house. I was there celebrating Easter a day late. We had a bone-in maple-glazed ham with carrots, mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup (yum!) and I think something else I can't remember. For dessert, Sean's mom made a homemade apple pie using Courtland apples, which was really good and a big deal since Sean's mom hates to cook. Dinner was great and very filling.

First breakfast was an un-iced hummingbird cupcake with unsalted butter. Second breakfast was of course, oatmeal and unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of lunch so I have no clue was what consumed that far back.I came home from work and immediately had another un-iced hummingbird cupcake with Earth Balance:Two and a half hours later I started making some chicken soup with macaroni and in the meanwhile I had a bowl of green tea and vanilla yogurt with strawberries:Shortly after that, my soup was ready:
Breakfast was another hummingbird cupcake with unsalted butter along with a small glass of chocolate milk:Second breakfast was oatmeal with flax and chia seeds, two squares of Lindt sea salt chocolate, toasted coconut and strawberries:Lunch was supposed to be leftover chicken soup with macaroni and barleyalong with grapes, strawberries and a clementine:But I was feeling really pathetic so I started out with some water crackers, grapes and a clementine:Eventually I started on the soup but didn't finish it all though I did finish all my Vita Coco:Dinner was the same soup--again and we really don't need anymore photos of that soup. A few hours later I was hungry but tired of soup. I was not tired of hummingbird cupcakes with real, unsalted butter so I had one of those instead:===

I was home from work because I woke up feeling dreadful. I also decided to take the day off from blogging.

I was so glad it was Friday! I just wanted to get through the day. I started off with a banana and PB and a Vita Coco:
Second breakfast was the usual oatmeal. Lunch was the best part of the day--thus far. I had leftover eats from Prague:
Pork hock with bread dumplings and cabbage. The latter is an IBS trigger but I ate it anyway. Actually, while eating it at Prague the night before--right before the Owen Pallett concert with Sean and his mom)--I did experience some IBS-related symptoms >o(, but eating it for lunch the next day, I felt fine afterwards. I have no clue idea what could have been the difference between the day before and the day after.
Snacks included grapes and a clementine with strawberries hidden underneath the clementine, plus a Lindt bunny from Sean's mom (not consumed):I also chugged the Vita Coco and kept these water crackers for later:My Friday evening plans were to have dinner with Jessie and then hang out at her place afterwards. Her cute-as-a-button Bischon-Frise, Buster, had just passed away earlier that week and since her parents were away on vacation, she had no one else to comfort her. I wished that I could have stopped by earlier but as you could tell, illness had settled in quite well into my system and prevented me from seeing her beforehand.

Jessie graciously waited an extra 25 minutes for me at work and then we ended up at the Pickle Barrel for dinner. It was awesome because Sean hates eating there (reported cockroach stories that I prefer to ignore because of their great menu offerings). I had a REALLY hard time deciding what to order because I hadn't been there in so long and because I had so many old favourites. Would I order the California Avocado Spring Rolls appetizer item and then get a Giant Banana Split or the Steak Frites Caesar salad or the Artichoke Spaghettini? Decisions, decisions. In the end I asked our server and he suggested the spaghettini. Sorry, no photos. Apparently Jessie and I were both too hungry to remember to take photos, despite both having iPhones in which we could have at least taken crappy photos with. My dinner wasn't all that awesome because while I had just ordered the pasta for the artichokes, I forgot that Pickle Barrel doesn't do pasta very well; there's always too much sauce and not enough "stuff." I should have stuck with the Caesar or Spring rolls. But the conversation was great as Jessie and I traded our IBS horror stories. I think that no matter who I'm with, mine always takes the cake.

Back at Jessie's house we watched some good and bad TV (good = Jamie's Food Revolution, bad = Blind Date, hahaha) and then I ate some water crackers and a few bites of this Macadamia & Apricot Kind Bar before deciding it was way too sweet to continuing munching on:I gave Jessie my Lindt bunny so she wasn't left snack-less.

It was a great night.

I'm going to cap this off here and start a part two next...

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