April 8, 2010


I'm home sick today. My cold has been getting worse and this morning I woke up and my stomach was hurting like crazy (it feels like I have an infection) and my chest hurts. It hurts when I cough and stand--ugh! I'm a little bit paranoid that I'm getting pneumonia again so I'm taking today off to rest and hopefully will be okay to go into work tomorrow. I also hope I haven't made anyone else at work sick--especially the pregnant woman I have lunch with.

I've been taking food photos sporadically so instead of showing photos of food, I thought I'd share photos of 3/4 of my cats:

Here's Fatty deciding she'd rather be living in a cardboard box:She stayed in this box for what seemed like ages, just letting me take photos of her...
You get a ridiculous amount of tissue paper when you purchase kitchen stuff from Urban Outfitters and since I like to reuse my tissue paper, I splayed it out on the floor to fold it up. Here's Chewy thinking that the tissue paper is his new playpen/bed, even though his bed is in the background:
But then he also knows that he can play on my bed because this blue comforter is kind of like the "cat comforter." I won't let the cats on my bed unless this comforter is on the bed.
Then he tired himself out:Or not:

Here's Ogre napping on my Quatchi blanket. That bugger pulled a fast one on me like he always does; he always manages to jump up on my bed before I can get the "cat comforter" to cover up my bed (I'm actually allergic to cats):Huh?Who did that?Hahaha! Ogre is so cute. But so are Fatty and Chewy and Mischief, who is unpictured.

He's the skittish cat who does not stop moving. I attribute that to the fact that he spent a part of his life living in a tiny little broom closet at Sean's workplace so he rescued him, got him neutered (I already had Fatty) and then Mischief came to live with us. At first Mischief was the type of cat who would not stop moving and meowing this pitiful meow. He would also not let you hold him--AT ALL. He would do everything in his power to get away. It resulted in many scratches and rashes. Years have past since then and while Mischief still moves like there's no tomorrow (he's gotten better about it though), he does let you hold him and pet him like a normal cat. He's also the only short-haired cat in the family so I think he's friendlier on my allergies than any other :)

Cat love done.

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