April 10, 2010


I forgot that I actually had some photos on my iPhone worth posting!

Easter Sunday wasn't really all about Easter. While my family did attend mass in the morning, we didn't have our traditional Easter dinner consisting of a turkey or lamb because we had plans to attend a family gathering for my uncle's 65th birthday. My uncle was coming in from Trinidad for the special occasion (he's a doctor over there) but after some trouble with his passport (don't Register important mail, people!) and ticket issues (book your tickets early!), he wasn't able to attend, so we all ate a 10-course on his behalf. Well, most of us did, anyway. Most of the dishes involved shellfish so I gave my portion to Sean who was able to enjoy doubles of almost everything. Lucky him!

Here's a rundown of what was served. Roasted suckling pig with jellyfish (dish 1 of 2 that I could eat):Scallops and mixed veggies:Deep-fried crab claw and minced shrimp:Beef rice noodle with vegetables (ie: green onions and bean sprouts):This was actually my "special" dish. I was at the "special" table with my other cousin who is allergic to shellfish but while she ordered a bunch of stuff, I just ordered the one dish. I was kind of expecting there to be veggies other than bean sprouts and green onions though. Blech. I had two servings of the above.

Shark's fin soup with crab meat was served next but Sean and I both passed on that one. We are both adamantly against shark-fin consuming.

Braised scallop, mushroom and gai lan, half-eaten:
What was supposed to be steamed green bass with green onions and ginger (dish 2 of 2 that I could eat):I was really hungry at this point so I forgot to take a pic before consuming, oops!

Lobster in a special sauce. Sean got two servings!Roasted crispy chicken with a shrimp chip:Sean wasn't going to eat my serving but I kind of challenged him into it.

Next up were shrimp fried rice with dried scallop and braised e-fu noodle with crab meat. No pics since I forgot and Sean consumed both before I remembered.

Dessert was a bowl of red bean soup and then cookies. I only had a couple spoonfuls of the soup since I'm not a huge fan of that soup to begin with. I'd rather have tapioca and taro sweet soup for dessert. The cookies were really good though. I wish I had gotten a photo of them. One was a warm white steamed bun filled with some kind of sweet paste, possibly mung bean paste? The other was a flaky kind of pastry with the same kind of sweet paste inside. Normally I'm not a fan of flaky pastries but this one was really well done--or maybe I was just really hungry.

There was also a platter of chocolates and fruits on the stage and Sean and I helped ourselves to the latter. I gorged myself on strawberries since I was still hungry.

So dinner was a bit of a bust. It kind of sucks to be allergic to shellfish at a very shellfish-inspired dinner. This is very typical of Chinese 10-course meals. It was very cool of my cousin to let me order something off the regular menu though. She was actually very accommodating and kind of made me feel bad for ignoring that part of my extended family for like, four years. Oops.

Anyway that was Easter...which sadly, was not filled with any type of ham, bunnies, lambs or egg-shaped chocolates of any sort. For shame.

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