April 21, 2010


Arnott's Tim Tams. Sigh. I've heard about you for so long and thought you only existed outside of Canada. But alas, there you were, sitting on the shelf at Walmart, with the rest of your clearout hooligans, waiting to be snatched up by some frugal shopper like myself. It was a good day for waltzing into Walmart.

There are about a dozen different options of Tim Tams available in Australia but I just happened across the Original version, which features two layers of malted biscuit sandwiched between a layer of chocolate. This is obviously the only version I've happened across. Take a look. Notice the sweet bird in their logo:This is what they look like upon opening:
Here's the biscuit, roughly 2.5" in lengthy. Hahaha, lengthy. I'm keeping it.
And a lovely cross-section: (that bird is everywhere!)
Verdict: It's pretty good. The biscuit don't contain any high fructose corn syrup, or any corn syrup for that matter. It does contain golden syrup but I was told that that's completely different from corn syrup and that my migraines had nothing on me. Since there are no freakish sugars added, it wasn't crazy sweet. One thing I've noticed about organic vs. regular sweets/treats which I've discussed before is the sweetness factor in said products. Like those organic Late July Oreo-type cookies I consumed about two weeks ago. I was expecting something crazy, toothache sweet and was actually quite surprised and impressed when the sweetness that resulted was something milder and nothing compared to a real Oreo cookie. It's sometimes astonishing just how sweet regular snack foods can be and this isn't just me...Sean said the same thing.

Cost: $3.47
Purchased at: Where did I finally find the elusive Australian chocolate biscuit? Walmart's clearout food section, of course! Not. This was actually a weird find but I'm glad I finally found them.
Purchase again: The two other packs acting as "back-ups" in my "snack" drawer say yes.


roxy said...

They were giving sample packages of this out at Union station a few months back. I tried one out and they were pretty good.


Dominique said...

OMG I can't believe they were actually handing these out! Maybe that means they're coming to a store near us? I sure hope so. I know they aren't in Walmart anymore.