January 9, 2010


The plan for the day was to wake up bright and early, apply for some jobs and then watch Sherlock Holmes with Sean later that evening. He didn't know about the plans yet though...I was going to call him at some point in the early evening to see if he was up for it but he beat me to it when my dad woke me up at 9:30 to take a call from Sean.

About 30 minutes later Sean was at my house and we headed downtown to pick up concert tickets to see Vampire Weekend and Japandroids in late-March and early-April, respectively.

I had excellent plans for breakfast. Knowing that I'd have to get ready "on-the-fly," I prepared myself some oatmeal to go (instant organic oats with chia seeds in a mug) but was too tempted when offered breakfast by Sean. So instead of eating this bowl of free fiber and goodness: I ate this a McDonald's bacon egg McMuffin plus not one but TWO hashbrowns and I washed it all down with an apple juice. Sigh. It's the 2 for $5.98 coupon that totally lured me in. Had Sean not had those coupons on him (which expire at the end of the month anyway), I probably would have passed. I really have been indulging in McDonald's way too much this month but Sean and I figure (or I anyway), that once we move in together, my days of fast food will be over--once and for all.

After our trip downtown, in which we grabbed a couple grande white chocolate mochas (which were free because I used a Starbucks gift card), we headed back to our homes and instead of sleeping, I made myself lunch. I had two small bowls of watermelon salad, which was really just watermelon chunks with mint, olive oil and salt:And a medley of mushrooms (shitake, button and king) stir-fried with onion and a 1/4 of a leftover tomato:
I ate half of the mushrooms and intended of saving the rest for dinner. In the afternoon I got a little bit of a sweet tooth so I decided to give this giant Lindt chocolate bar a go (a gift I received for Christmas from my parents)Check out the nutrutional list:I wouldn't consider it too bad. If you can't read it vertically (*shakes fist*) it says that four squares are 160 calories, which for me is perfect because I normally don't crave sweets or chocolate for that matter. So I ate about 3.5 squares because half a square fell into the garbage can by accident.

Dinner was served a couple of hours later but I dug into something completely different because I had leftover free-range chicken to eat. I paired my chicken up with the leftover medley of stir-fried mushrooms and made a quick salad of watercress and cucumbers. And I washed it all down with a small glass of organic 2% milk:
I don't know why but I felt hungry a couple of hours after dinner so I didn't want to let the oatmeal I made in the morning go to waste. I added some boiling water to bring it back to life:
And then added in the usual suspects:
But about an hour after that I was STILL hungry. So I decided to finish off the remaining slice of pizza I had from a couple of days ago. I also decided to cut it half so I could enjoy it longer.
And after that I decided I needed to call it a night of eats.

Money spent: $5.80 (McDs) and $2+ (meter parking)

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