January 1, 2010


I really cannot express just how happy I am right now...and not just because 2009 is over and done with. I quit my job! Yes, that's right...after three months of complete stress and frustration, enough was enough. As much as I loved the job itself and as much as I'm going to miss the people, I can't for one more minute, be there and take it from the back (if you know what I mean)...because that's really how I felt for the past three months. Working for what is known as one of the worst companies in Canada, I am so beyond relieved right now. I am on Cloud Nine.

And yes, I know I'm unemployed and that this isn't the greatest time to be looking for a job, (I quit effective immediately) but I'm happy...for the first time in three months and everyone that's important to me (my parents and Sean) already see the difference even though it happened less than 24 hours ago.

I was actually afraid that my dad wasn't going to take it well...he's always of the mind that's it better to have a job than no job at all, but he actually said to me "to hell with them" after I told him in detail exactly what had happened that made me come to the decision that I had to quit. And then today, on our drive alone to and from work so I could pick up the last of my things, he said that on principle, I had to quit. So I'm glad he was on my side this time.

So to new beginnings! I know that 2010 will bring bigger and better things. Sean and I plan on moving out. There's snow falling outside. It is cold and wintery. What better way to start the new year?

Cheers everyone
...(aka my two readers)

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