January 2, 2010


Sadly this will be my last recap of food from 2009. There's going to be a little bit of everything to cover. Double sadly, not all of it is awesome but at least we're starting on a good note.

So you know your boyfriend is totally awesome (and so is the rest of his family), when they smuggle coconut macaroons from the Mandarin for you and then wrap it up as if it's a Christmas present:Christmas dinner at my house...salad, roast potatoes, turkey and gravy, cranberry sauce.

Late night snack in my new favourite Olympic mascots mug...Tetly chai tea (from a tea bag!) steeped in organic 2% and below is a white pomegranate.
I love these Christmas bowls I picked up from the Dollarama a couple of years back. They're perfect for mise-en-place baking and for holding snack foods. Only half of this pomegranate was consumed.

Lunch at work on the 30th...turkey soup with potatoes, carrots and barley.
Snack bento of cherries, clementine, whole wheat Triscuits and brie.
And then late at night, this was consumed because it was hanging around:
A Cadbury Triple Chocolat snack cake. It was okay considering I'm not a huge fan of chocolate. I got this for free from Blockbuster while renting Food, Inc so don't count me as one of those people that would ever buy this again.

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