January 14, 2010


Now that I'm no longer working I have absolutely no idea what day it is. I used to write the entire date...today being 2010/01/14 at least 50 times a day, usually on Customs forms. Everyday feels like a Friday and I often find myself wondering why my friends aren't around to hang out with. Then I remember that it's Tuesday or Wednesday or as in today's case, Thursday.

I'm still sick and feeling pretty crabby about it. I asked my mom to ask our doctor (she went yesterday for her yearly physical) and the doctor said that while it probably isn't a reaction to the flu shot, I might have picked up another type of virus. I'm to go see her if it doesn't get any better. My game plan (in order to avoid heading downtown to see the doctor, which is a 3-hour commute) is to gargle with salt water, drink copious amounts of liquids (probably hot water with lemon and honey) and stay warm. Sean has this weekend off and we had plans to watch Weeds or Pretty in Pink tonight and I absolutely do not want our plans to be foiled because he only has every third weekend off. I mean, cmon...the next time he has another weekend off is in February? There's no way I'm letting this weekend go to waste! So I'm going to suck it up and make myself better--without the doctor's help!

Now onto yesterday's eats...Sean picked me up after he was done work and a coin toss determined that we were having dim sum for breakfast. The toss was between dim sum or Cora's. I didn't take any photos this time around...it was much of the same dim sum fare that was eaten about a week ago.

So the rest of the day's eats were kind of a bust because I was a) feeling mucho sick and b) feeling really full. Around 5pm my dad fried up some of these vegetarian spring rolls and I had three...And while my dad was frying up the spring rolls, I decided to make mini cornbread muffins from this recipe from Martha Stewart. I think the turned out wonderfully. I didn't have enough sour cream though so I subbed the rest of the amount with Liberte plan yogurt and while it probably didn't save any calories, they tasted fantastic. Even as I went to take this shot, I was helping my mom do something and when I turned around, two of the muffins were missing, in addition to the others that had already been taken! Dinner was quite some time later, what with the snacking of spring rolls and corn muffins. Around 8:30 I ended up digging into dinner which consisted of the following:Rice with free-range chicken, mushrooms and Chinese sausage (all cooked in rice cooker) with a carrot salad along with a slice of carrot cake and water. I didn't think I was going to finish all my dinner but I did. Then I went for the cake but ugh, it was NOT the same carrot cake as Dufflet's carrot cake so I took about three bites and passed on the rest. I figured it just wasn't worth the extra calories. There was a little something extra in that cake...like a layer of apricot jam/glaze or something that I wasn't a fan of. Plus, Dufflet uses coconut in their carrot cake and I'm crazy for coconut.

Money spent: $0 (Sean paid for dim sum breakfast)

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