January 31, 2010


I was initially looking for some matcha tea (ground Japanese green tea) in a new-ish Asian grocery store when I came across this giant package:It bills itself as milk tea for "anytime anywhere" yet calls itself 3:15pm? Well, whatever. At 3.99 for 18 individually packets, it was a helluva lot cheaper than the cold milk tea I was used to purchasing from the Chinese restaurant next door to my old workplace, which I hadn't been to in almost 4 weeks.

I checked out the ingredient list and didn't find anything too offending, except for the soybean oil and corn syrup solids, which is part of the creamer:Eh, you win some, you lose some. It's definitely better than paying $2 for a cold milk tea.

Inside are individual packets that look just like the outside packaging: I kind of like it. It looks calm. And inside the smaller packaging is a tea bag filled with black tea, sugar and white powder. That's the creamer, silly! Get your head out of the gutter!! I'll try and take a pic of it before adding the water next time.

Anyway, so you put the tea bag into your fave mug (or any mug if your fave mug is nowhere to be found) and then add 7oz. of boiling water (or eyeball it if you don't know how much 7oz. of water is, like me):Then you let it steep for a few minutes or stir like crazy and squeeze the tea bag with a spoon to make it steep faster (though that doesn't really work) and then drink it up!

Be warned that the milk tea is crazy sweet. I mean, CRAZY sweet. It really takes some getting used to. Otherwise, I think it's the closest I'll ever get to a real Hong Kong milk tea that you can purchase in a restaurant without having to pay a hefty $2 price tag. Oh and you can also have it cold if you just add some ice cubes. This will definitely be a repurchase.


Seanington said...

that stuff was pretty good, truly a tea for any time, maybe not any where, because you can't really make it on the subway for example, but nonetheless fairly good. however, regular hong kong style milk tea can be made with sri lanka red tea, carnation milk and sugar (according to those milk tea cans you get in the supermarket.) i haven't tried it yet, but i had regular tea with carnation milk and it was pretty damn close. no sugar though.

Dominique said...

I love the name of the tea..."3:15pm milk tea, anytime, anywhere." How can it be "anytime" if a time is specified in the title? So bizarre! And how come the 3 and 1 are in English but no 5 appears? What's that all about? I don't think I've ever had Sri Lanka red tea but I have had reg. tea with Carnation milk and that stuff is great, though I usually add sugar.

Jordan said...

They used to sell this in the Asian grocery store nearby. I went in yesterday and they no longer carry it. I can't seem to find it anywhere to buy online either. I love this stuff, and I am really bummed about the possibility of not having it anymore!

Dominique said...

I found it at Foody Mart near my area when it first opened and although it was more than a year ago, I'm pretty sure they would still have it.