February 1, 2010


Most of you probably don't know (or the two of you that read this, do) that I am obsessed with the upcoming winter Olympics in Vancouver. It's now only 11 days away!

Okay so breakfast on Sunday was this...Fruits in blueberry white tea jelly. I know it's a little weird for Sunday morning breakfast but I was puttering about the internet all morning and realized that it was almost noon when I hadn't eaten anything so I grabbed the first thing I could out of my mini-fridge.

Then I decided to have lunch a couple of hours later and whipped this up, which was also lunch for work on Monday:Tagliatelle with tomatoes, zucchini and leftover honey garlic rib meat. So delicious! The sauce was a little sweet-salty...my fave combo because I am a taste-whore.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at the mall, shopping for work-suitable clothing but there were slim pickin's. It's hard to find work appropriate clothing that won't break the bank. It's either cheaply made and also cheap in price or ridiculously expensive for a plain cotton button-up. I did manage to find two more short-sleeved button-ups, which brings my grand total to four! Not quite enough to wear one for each day of the week but I'm getting closer.

In the evening I had this for dinner:Rice with pork, cauliflower, celery and mushrooms.

I also ate some other random stuff like a mini cupcake with frosting and a regular-sized one without frosting and then later on in the evening I had a bowl of soybean soup and probably some other stuff I can't remember right now. It was a snacky kind of day.

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