February 19, 2010

VALENTINE'S DAY RECAP! (Celebrating A Day Late)

Sean and I celebrated Valentine's Day a day late this year. We weren't really planning on celebrating Valentine's Day at all--Sean really hates the "holiday"--but I was really in the mood to cook, so he agreed that I could make him dinner on the Monday since he had to work the night before (on actual Valentine's Day). We decided to include his parents in the meal since it would have been rude not to since they were going to be in the house as well.

Monday was Family Day, a public holiday, so I got to sleep in until 11 when I woke up and decided to make Valentine's Day-themed cupcakes for dinner with Sean and his parents.

Previous to dinner, this was the day's eats...lunch was congee with Chinese New Year leftovers of stir-fry:
And then a couple of hours later (after making strawberry coconut cupcakesI had a pear followed by another bowl of congee:The dinner menu at Sean's had to be altered a few times because I had forgotten that Monday was a holiday and that the grocery stores would not be open and also, Sean had forgotten to pick up some groceries the night before. Good thing the Asian markets were open so we were able to pick up a few things before heading to Sean's house.

Appetizer was bacon-wrapped asparagus. Thank goodness the bunch of asparagus had just enough for the 9 slices of bacon I had leftover in my fridge:
Main: rosemary and garlic lamb chops:
Side: Gordon Ramsay's "Cook-a-long Live" rosemary potatoes (but with dill since the Asian market didn't have fresh rosemary)
Dessert: chocolate + chocolate chip meringue cookie, strawberry coconut cupcake with vanilla bean and Malibu Coco frosting, vanilla bean and dried cherry meringue sandwiched between pomegrante and cranberry sherbet:
Dinner was a huge success (even with the ingredient flaws) but the best was yet to come. Sean had a surprise in store! After helping Sean's mom clean up, Sean presented me with this card. The first words that came out of my mouth when I saw it were "did a child write this?" to which Sean replied "I dunno..." and I had no clue what he was up to!
Here's the actual card:Funny enough I had totally forgotten about the card even though I had picked it out (we were at Hallmark the day before picking out a card for Sean's parents) and pretty much forced Sean to give it to me. I love penguins and think that it's cute that they're "holding hands." Then I read the inside:And as soon as I read it, I started laughing...especially at the part that says "Valentides" so much so that my eyes were watering and I wasn't really paying attention to the rest of the card. The other side said this:So even though I was mega excited because Sean and his mom had mentioned something about a giant box, I was laughing so hard and my eyes were still watering.
I had a hard time getting "Q" out of the box because he's this big:And this fat:We're now the best of buds:e's seriously the best present ever! I was so, so happy! He's really heavy though. He's a lot bigger and a LOT heavier than I had imagined. I guess he's got to be if he's going to cost $350! I was just ecstatic and super surprised because I didn't think Sean was going to get giant Quatchi for me for my birthday. He let me open my present early so that Quatchi and I could enjoy the Olympics together, which is what we've been doing since then (photos follow). Quatchi is 38" of pure entertainment!
Hope you all had an awesome Valentine's Day like I did!

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