February 27, 2010


It was my birthday--yay! But wow, was I ever in a birthday funk. The 25th wasn't actually so bad. My co-workers wished me a happy birthday and my best friend since grade nine, sent flowers to my workplace! (One of my co-workers chided me for having flowers brought to a lab work environment but I didn't know they weren't allowed--a spores issue--and my supervisor never said anything. In fact, my supervisor was happy but also a little bit jealous since none of his friends have ever sent him flowers on his birthday, hee hee. The flowers are gorgeous. They're little lillies in the most amazing colours. Ah, colours. I'm a whore for colours. I haven't been able to get any good photos in the evening so I'll have to get myself up early in the morning when the sun's out to get some sunny shots of the flowers and post them here.

I totally forgot to photograph today's food so far. I was eating on the go, having lunch in the car and eating an a Royal Gala apple while doing some shopping in Walmart (no joke). At one point I was running through the aisles with a bucket in one hand and the half-eaten apple in the other. Quite a sight to behold if you were one of the many other shoppers in the store.

Right now I'm drinking this:I'm going to drink half of it and then have my roast parsnip fries for dinner along with a slice of cake. It's better a rather off day for food. I just haven't really been in the mood to eat. Let's just recap previous days' food instead, shall we?


Breakfast was a piece of French baguette with cream cheese on one side and Crofter's Asia spread on the other:I miss real bread. Of course it doesn't keep me very full for long but knowing that I was going to be having second breakfast in less than 90 minutes, this was a great way to start the day.

Lunch was the following:A free-range chicken drumstick that I coated with honey dijon mustard and seasoned breadcrumbs (thyme, salt and pepper). Along with the chicken, I've got a bunch of roast veggies (potatoes, mushrooms, red and orange peppers).

Snack of the day was grapes and dates:Dinner was unmemorable and unphotographed! The end for the 23rd!


Sadly I woke up on Wednesday and my tongue was swollen like crazy. My throat was also hurting--despite being on antibiotics. I was not in the mood to go to work but the doctor is not in on Wednesday and I was also not in the mood to wait at the walk-in clinic so I went to work anyway. I also couldn't afford to take another day off work.

First breakfast for Wednesday was a ripe banana with organic, all-natural PB and Crofter's Asia spread:
Second breakfast was oatmeal with the following mix-ins but my fat tongue was still giving me a hard time. Eating was just not on the list of things to be done for today so I only ate 1/4-1/3 of my oatmeal. My oatmeal toppings/mix-ins included sweetened shredded coconut, roast almonds and dried cherries:Note to self: almonds are a stupid idea for an oatmeal topping when your throat is hurting. Never again.

I also spent my very last day being 25, not only with a fat tongue and super sore throat, but by having the exact same lunch as the day before. I'll spare you from another photo but it was the same free-range chicken drumstick with roast veggies. I ate my lunch slowly but quickly as I only have 30 minutes to eat and managed to finish most of it. I ate all the protein and left a few veggies pieces behind. Fat Tongue wasn't allowing me to chew and swallow my food properly.

I got home after work feeling pretty miserable. I just wanted some soup. My dad ended up going out and picking up some beef bones for me to make some beef broth with rice noodles but Sean called in the meanwhile and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said I'd only hang out with him if I could make soup at his house and he agreed! So he picked me up and we headed back to his place and I made soup while we watched the Olympics with his parents. I can't remember what we were watching but afterwards Sean and I watched an episode of Lost (the second-last episode of season four).


25th...Thursday (MY BIRTHDAY!)
The food wasn't that interesting. My tongue was still swollen so I decided to make an appointment with the doctor during my break at work (usually second breakfast). First breakfast was the following:
I was determined to eat that Royal Gala apple and two scrambled eggs. Sorry for the crappy pic...it's from my iPhone. Second breakfast was a no-go because of my doctor's appointment so of course, by the time lunch rolled around four hours later, I was positively starving but the leftover rice noodle soup that I had made at Sean's just didn't cut it. It wasn't flavourful enough and honestly, the Chinese veggies that I had added in at the last minute had disintegrated because Sean and I were too busy watching womens' bobsleigh. Hey, at least we won a gold and silver!

Dinner was at my family's usual Chinese restaurant, King of Kings in Markham. We go there so often that the waitresses pretty much know what we want and how we like our food (no MSG and less salt). Awesome. We didn't order as much food this time and I also ate less than usual because I was saving myself for the awesome chocolate banana cake from Dufflet that was awaiting me at home.

This cake is redonkulously good. It's layers of banana and chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate frosting. The best thing about Dufflet is that they use all natural ingredients--yay for me! Here's a photo of my birthday cake:
And here's a photo of my slice:===

Friday was full of really bad foods. It started off pretty well with first breakfast:A piece of French baguette with cream cheese and two scrambled eggs. I find that the small portion of protein is just what I need to get working in the morning.

Lunch was leftovers from my birthday dinner. No photo as I was more interested in eating than photographing. I had chow mein noodles with mushrooms, Chinese veggies and a piece of fish in fake crab sauce. Mmm...delicious. I then followed that up with a piece of chocolate banana cake--mmm, even more delicious!

Dinner was yet another stunner: a Quarter Pounder meal from McDonalds. And I opted out of the two slices of processed cheese not to save calories, but because two slices of cheese is too much for this pseudo-Asian. Alas, my idea was not a good one because a Quarter Pounder with no cheese is just a glorified hamburger--and that's not a good thing. I didn't finish all my French fries though--they were a little too salty and a tad on the crappy side, if you know what I mean. I thought McDonalds was supposed to be fool-proof?? And of course, I had a slice of chocolate banana cake--all of this in Sean's car, no less. We were on our way to the Fucked Up concert in Toronto, which proved to be highly entertaining for two reasons: Fucked Up and the D'Urbervilles. Yes, leave it to Damon what's-his-face to book an opening I really like when I decide that there's no way in hell I'd like any of the opening bands and leave my money in the trunk and then find out that while there are $10 D'Urberville CDs for sale, I can't get any because there are no "in-outs" for the night. Boo!

But anyway, that was Friday.

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Diana said...

Ouch, I can only imagine how much whole almonds on a sore throat would hurt! Get well soon!