March 2, 2010


27. Yikes! While some 27 year olds I know are living on their own or with their significant others or married and/or have children, I am none of these things. Does it bother me? Sometimes, but then I look at the course my life has taken and figure that where I'm at right now is probably where I should be. 27 does seem kind of old though. I'm on the wrong side of my 20s. I wish I was 25 again. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I said that when I was 26. I'm trying to change that though.

With the beginning of the new year I decided to make a change for the better. Putting an end to my beyond shitty job was first on the agenda. Second on the agenda was getting a new job and thankfully that was accomplished--though I did go through a period of feeling totally and utterly sorry for myself because I couldn't find a job within two weeks. What can I say...sometimes I have delusions of grandeur--or as Sean would tell you, they occur often.

Anyway, this year I want to read more and have decided to delve into two books I read when I was in elementary and high school: The Giver and The Chrysalids. They were both books I enjoyed during elementary school but the former was my absolute fave. The latter, with its sci-fi theme, is one that I think Sean will really enjoy so he's going to read it after I read it and finally he'll have someone to discuss a book with.

Later this year I want to start running. Or maybe jogging. Or just walking. I have no idea how my asthma is going to effect my running, or even the possibility of me running, or jogging, but it seems like something I would enjoy--or at least Caitlin's blog makes it seem like something tremendously enjoyable. I feel weird using her first name on my blog considering that I've been reading her blog religiously (ie: daily) for ages but never posted a comment (I didn't know where to start...she has like 100+ comments per day sometimes) so she doesn't even know I exist. It would be weird if I were a world-famous marathoner (ha!) and someone asked me who inspired me because my answer would be "Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point" because Caitlin would probably be all "WHO?" Oh well. So yeah, I want to run. We'll see how it goes.

Whoa, anyway, here's a food recap:


The rest of Saturday's eats included dinner:Parsnip "fries" with ketchup and scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were a very last minute addition because after eating a parsnip fry straight from the oven, my reaction was closer to wanting to throw up than wanting to eat them all like a cake from Dufflet. I realized that 5 small parsnips for dinner were not going to cut it so I decided to add a couple scrambled eggs to the mix and also added some ketchup in hopes of producing some kind of taste sensation akin to eating a slice of cake from Dufflet. (Apologies for all the Dufflet cake references but hopefully talking about eating the cake will stop me from actually eating all the cake. I've been eating WAY too much of the cake already--the scale told me so.) Dinner was eaten in the car--again--on the way to P-Mall so Sean and I could kill some time before watching Crazy Heart (starring Jeff "The Dude" Bridges). We ended up ordering noodle soup (mine with duck, his with BBQ pork) in the food court because that's what I do when I have time to kill. With our bellies full of liquid and hand-pulled noodles, we headed to Chapters to kill more time (and then bought books) and then finally watched Crazy Heart. Good movie but I prefer The Wrestler.


28th...Sunday...check back for a separate post.


1st of March...Monday
Having spent the previous evening at Sean's catching up on the fifth season of Weeds (WTF is up with that show sometimes??), I came home late and did not prepare anything for lunch the night before. What resulted was a day full of "FML."

First breakfast wasn't so bad...a raisin bun that I toasted, split in half and spread with natural, organic PB and Crofter's Asia spread:But from there it kind of went all downhill because someone at work threw out or stole my dressing (the only dressing that was originally in my house that did not contain sulphites) and so I was left to eat this, plain:Iceberg lettuce with three small-size, hard-boiled eggs. Not cool! Seriously, not cool at all. Iceberg lettuce isn't even good with dressing but without dressing and with three measly small-sized eggs, ughhh! I wanted to eat my arm!

I did have a container of these grapes handy but not realizing that someone had stolen my dressing from the work fridge, I ate them during second breakfast! So along with my sad, sad, the-saddest-salad-in-the-world, I ate a piece of birthday cake:And thank goodness for that piece of cake, because otherwise, I probably would have eaten a sample at work and who knows what kind of bacteria it would have contained!!

I met my dad at the soccer dome after work. I normally wait about 25 minutes for him but I didn't want to sit around the lunchroom thinking about how hungry I was so I decided to walk to the soccer dome instead. As soon as I reached home, I ate the following macarons from Nadege:The yellow one is salted caramel and the light green is olive oil. Dinner consisted of the previous night's leftovers with rice:Steamed chicken, stuffed mushrooms, steamed preserved pork sausage, stir-fried veggies. It was a lot of food but I finished it all because I was REALLY hungry!


I woke up this morning not wanting another banana or bowl of oatmeal. I was craving eggs and bread and decided to really "do it up" for breakfast so I had the following for first AND second breakfast:Two small fried eggs on a whole wheat bagel with processed cheese and spinach. With first breakfast I had the remainder of my chocolate milk (a little less than 1 cup) and for second breakfast I had some water. It was super delicious and satisfying and it made my co-workers jealous...not that that's what I was going for but they were sad when comparing their yogurt and chocolate chip cookies to my breakfast bagel.

Lunch was also spectacular and featured a proper salad:Spinach with two maple breakfast sausages and goat cheese as well as a baked potato with crumbed feta, olive oil, salt and pepper:I didn't use any dressing on the salad as the goat cheese and sausage were flavourful enough. I often prefer my salads without dressing, as long as the additions to the salad have enough flavour to hold everything, I didn't use Iceberg lettuce this time.

Grapes and some dried dates rounded everything out though I didn't finish those all. Although I was a little bit full from my banana after work, mushrooms couldn't keep me away from dinner so I dug into a huge plate full of mushrooms. I'm kind of a mushroom addict...of the non-illegal variety. I absolutely love mushrooms, all of them. Straw, shitake, button, porcini, brown, oyster, king...mmm, delicious! The only mushroom I don't really care for is the enoki mushroom. I really dislike the stringy texture once it's cooked. It kind of grosses me out in the mouth. Anyway, my love of mushrooms resulted in this plate of mushroom and rice (with other stuff) goodness:
I am now in the process of making some buckwheat "cereal" so that I can have something other than oatmeal for second breakfast at work tomorrow. I still want something with enough soluble fiber to keep me satiated for four hours but I'm really tired of oatmeal considering that I actually really dislike oatmeal to begin with. Plus, I ran out of the oat and flax variety that I preferred and am now stuck with flavours like cinnamon spice and apple 'n cinnamon, the latter of which contains little chunks of freeze-dried apple and it grosses me out too.

Goodnight, all!

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Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

welcome to the blog world!!! :) now i know who you are :) i'm glad you commented and thank you for saying such sweet things. you can become a runner if you want to - everyone starts somewhere!

happy running!