March 10, 2010


I have to get this post done quick, as in, like yesterday. I have to finish eating dinner, change my clothes, change the cat litters (all four!) and make a final grocery list for Whole Foods before Sean picks me up so we can head to--you guessed it--Whole Foods...but also to the Vivian Girls concert in Toronto. Yay, I'm excited! The Vivian Girls and Whole Foods in one evening!!!! I am currently catching up on my fave food blogs and the most recent episode of Gossip Girl while I eat dinner and blog. I know, I know, horrible habits for dining, but I have no choice tonight.


Food from yesterday includes two soft-boiled eggs and two slices of whole wheat toast (one with natural, organic PB) for first breakfast.Second breakfast was the following minus one of the granola bars because I forgot my instant oatmeal at home. The game plan was to consume as much food as possible in 30 minutes so that I wouldn't want to eat my arm or eat a sample within the four hours before my lunch break. Mission was only 50% accomplished because while I didn't eat any samples, I really did want to eat my arm by the time lunch rolled around. I tried to eat the following as "properly" as I could.Organic chicken drumstick that I coated in dijon mustard and then coated with breadcrumbs that I seasoned with parmesan cheese, garlic powder and thyme. Delicious! Oh and cucumber sticks and mini carrots. And I also ate a salad:Spring mix with some spinach as well as cucumber slices, radish slices, strawberries and goat cheese. No dressing, which was a bit of a shame because there was not enough goat cheese or strawberries to hold everything together. I'm trying to cut down on my goat cheese intake simply because it causes too much lactose intolerance-related pain.

Dinner yesterday was probably downright sad because I just can't remember it! Oh wells.


10th...Today! (Wednesday)
Happy Hump Day! I figure that I should probably say that on at least one Wednesday on my blog. Last night I had been lamenting to Sean about how much McDonalds I have consumed since the beginning of the year. It's not usually my thing to eat McDonalds. I'd much rather have a homemade burger from Famous Sam's but sometimes McDonalds French fries are the way to go--even though they can be hit or miss.

Aaaanyway, having been out late the night before and having to get up in the morning to shower, make the second part of my lunch for today, I wasn't really in the mood or did I have the time to make myself first breakfast so I asked my dad if we could stop by Tim Hortons to grab a breakfasts sandwich and also to partake in their free hashbrown promo. Unfortunately, by the time we booked it, it was a little too late to head in the direction of Tims and we had to stop by McD's instead. Oops! So I ended up having a bacon and egg McMuffin with a hashbrown. But for reals, I need to stop eating McDonalds!!

Here I am finishing off my breakfast while yes, reading In Defense of Food. Oh dear...irony! Please don't be mad Michael Pollan. I normally do eat food. Mostly plants. First breakfast was followed up by a mug of oatmeal, with the usual, chia seed and ground flax. Sadly no awesome additions like fruit, fresh or otherwise.

Lunch was awesome, due to some masterful in-advance cooking.
Does this chicken drumstick look familiar? No, it's not the same one as the day before...I just happened to cook three on Monday night for subsequent lunches. So yeah, there's one more photo to be seen. Along with the chicken and mini carrots, I had the following ricotta and spinach ravioli with 365 Everyday (Whole Foods brand) tomato sauce...10 of them to be exact. Pretty tasty. The sauce is good. It's not too salty or spicy. It was a good mix with what I think is usually bland ravioli. No time for veggie add-ins this time around. This pear was on the menu but I ran out of time to eat it.This is what I am currently eating for dinner--though I probably should not be. Half of tonight's dinner are IBS-triggers but I don't dare step out of the house without eating something because Sean and I would probably end up in the drive-thru at McDonald's.So instead I'm having basmati rice with brussel sprouts, beef and onions and cabbage. Oi. The greens are the IBS-triggers. I already know that tomorrow will not be pleasant.

Have a great night everyone--I know I will!

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