March 31, 2010


That's what it sounds like when I say "coming with down a cold" out loud. I'm sick. It's not cool considering the long weekend is just a day away and I actually have plans! It seems like this is a regular occurrence with me--get sick right before a long weekend or when big plans are in the works. Ugh!!! I knew it was going to happen when 3 out of 5 family members in my family ended up with colds. It's inevitable even though I tried my darndest to avoid them all. It's kind of hard when they're all sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths--gross!!!

So yeah, sick is me. I've been downing the Echinacea Plus like there's no tomorrow as well as enjoyed this for dinner:Egg drop soup with orzo. I used a boxed reduced-sodium organic chicken broth and added a little more water to the mix because boxed broth of any sort is always way too salty. I then waited for the broth to come to a boil before adding in the orzo which I cooked for 7.5 minutes. I then turned the heat to a very low simmer and lightly scrambled two eggs before slowly pouring them into the soup and stirring. Ta-da, soup!

I'm currently on my third bowl of this stuff. After the second bowl I ran out of soup and wanted to make more for my lunch tomorrow. Sorry roasted chicken and veggies, you're getting put on the back burner due to my cold. I just have a feeling that this cold is going to be a doozy and want to do everything I can to make myself better by tomorrow morning. I have a full day of work tomorrow and then Sean and I have plans to head into the city tomorrow evening. Plus! We both have Friday off, which just happens to be Good Friday, and we're going to try to hit up the Toronto Zoo (which we haven't been to since early September. We used to have annual memberships and we'd hit up the zoo all the time. Now that the polar bears are finally back, I hardly get to the see them :(

Now I'm off to finish my soup, drink some orange juice, gargle with some salt water and then hit the hay. I want to get in a little more than eight hours of rest for tomorrow.

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