March 8, 2010


What am I currently doing?
a) blogging
b) watching House
c) eating apple pie from McDonalds
d) all of the above

Well from the title you should have picked d) all of the above. My goal for March, which I have yet to post on a forum I frequent, was to post on my blog more frequently seeing as how my number of posts from January to February went quite downhill. I'm also watching House because I don't want to fall behind or end up watching it past midnight when I should be in bed and I'm eating this apple pie because it was left over from Saturday and no one else seems to want to eat it.

So really, these are all habits I should really start to cut out from my daily life. Perhaps today marks the end of the late nights (I'm trying to make an effort to go to bed by midnight now that the Olympics are over) and eating more intuitively instead of when I'm angry or bored.


I kind of misplaced my camera for most of the day so I have no photos from breakfast/lunch and snacks. For dinner I was planning on making cassava fries, something I remember being uber delicious from the Toronto Zoo but also ridiculously expensive. The last time Sean and I split an order, it was almost $1 per "fry." Ridiculous! So of course I wanted to re-create the deliciousness at home. Enter, the cassava:So I didn't know this at the time but baking the cassava fries, which I had coated with olive oil and salt, was THE worst idea ever! After 45-50 minutes at 400F, the cassava was finally soft in the center but totally dried out and crunchy on the outsides. The texture was very reminiscent of corn nuts, in that sort of "break your tooth at any moment" kind of way. Not cool! But I ate quite a few of them anyway because it was late and I was hungry. Sean called me sad. It really was a sad moment.

Finally at 10:45pm I was having a proper dinner:Leftover green curry with udon noodles. I had completely forgotten about the green curry in my mini fridge so when I did remember them, I quickly boiled some udon noodles and then added some spinach and cucumber to the mix. Delicious and spicy!


After church with my family I came home and quickly made myself breakfast:Three small eggs, sunnyside up with two slices of whole wheat bread (with Crofter's Asia and the other with natural/organic PB).

Then I went and got my nails done and spent waaay too much money on groceries. On the way home I was getting a little peckish so I tried a new "flavour" of Sahale Snack mix, Soledad:Almonds with apple, flax seeds, date, balsamic vinegar and red pepper--in case you can't read the fine print :) Here's my tiny handful:
My dad and I stopped off at McDonalds so he could get a free coffee and at that point I was just starving so I ended up eating the following for lunch (oops!):A double cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. Good news is that I didn't finish the fries--but only because they were soggy and too salty.

I followed that up with watermelon and a Kashi bar and decided to stop eating for the rest of the afternoon. For some reason I was feeling REALLY hungry all afternoon. Dinner followed about 4 and a half hours later with the following:Rice with roast duck (why is my family always having roast duck on Sundays?) along with a homemade samosa (it was okay...I probably should have skipped it) and some stir-fried iceberg lettuce, which is ridiculously good.

Dessert for the night was the following:Liberte Greek yogurt with half a banana, strawberries, a couple tablespoons of buckwheat cereal and a couple crushed up coconut chocolate patties. It was good but the yogurt was a little more tart than I'm used to. I didn't want to add any sweetener (usually honey or agave) because the banana was really ripe. After that I decided to close my stomach for the day.


First breakfast...two hard-boiled eggs, half a banana and a slice of whole wheat bread:The eggs were supposed to be soft-boiled so when I discovered hard-boiled eggs, I didn't want to dip my bread into that, so instead I had this:
I smeared some natural/organic PB and sliced up my banana. Delicious! But I think all the food made me really sleepy at work. Plus it was really warm in the lab. Warmth and a full belly makes me sleepy. Second breakfast was instant organic oatmeal (cinnamon spice, this time) with ground flax, chia seeds and strawberries.

Lunch was leftover green curry with udon noodles that ended up being quite mushy but still delicious:Look at that mess! Definitely not the same as Saturday night but this is because I added a whole bunch of milk (to cut down on the spicy factor) plus a tad bit of cream and more noodles. Everything kind of congealed together in the fridge and that's how things look when you only have a microwave to heat up your lunch.

Snacks included Mary's Herb crackers, Sahale Soledad and mini carrots:As well as the remaining strawberries from breakfast:
I don't know what was up with today but I was really hungry. A couple of hours after second breakfast I was getting a migraine and ready to eat my arm and I actually snuck into the washroom to eat a granola bar! I'm extremely glad I decided to grab the Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar before leaving the house this morning.

This evening I was more into eating than photographing. Dinner included lotus root soup and rice with beef and vegetable stew (thanks dad; he always makes dinner). Plus then the after-dinner snacks started. I had the last chocolate coconut patty and knowing that I had eaten the last one, I wanted more, so I decided to make another batch while preparing lunch for the next two days. I also ate half a raisin bun and am now eating that McDonalds apple pie but I've only managed to get halfway through it:I think I might just call it a eyes are getting tired.


moretolifethanlettuce said...

i LOVE house! and cassava is sooo good, it's used a lot in vietnamese cooking :)

RudePrincess said...

I saw cassava in the store last weekend and I think it was my first time ever noticing it! Bizzare, I know, but I swear people in Winnipeg or Ottawa don't use it so I'm newer to the grocery scene! But yeah. It was giant looking and tres weird. My mom and I had a good laugh. I will have to look for a recipe so I can try it out one day.

I watched House too! Donna got me into blogging. haha

Is it hard to do a roast duck? I've never made duck at home. I've eaten it in a couple of restaurants though. Sounds too fancy. Do you debone it like in Julie & Julia?? Clearly that movie had too much of an impact on my life...

Diana said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear about the cassava bummer - I've been curious how to cook it. Sounds kinda tricky!