March 22, 2010


I cannot believe I'm a full week behind on food recaps. Crud. know that most of you probably don't find it that interesting but it's something that I did on my Facebook page and then transferred over here but I started discussing other things over here too so my food recaps have sort of taken a back seat. (I'm also home from work today because my stomach has not been nice to me all weekend long, more on that later.)

I had been craving dim sum like something fierce so Sean and I went out for dim sum in the morning at our favourite dim sum restaurant.

Here's a rundown of our eats. Rice with dried sausage and Sean's chicken feet:
Custard buns (we thought these were BBQ pork buns) and beef rice noodle rolls:
Beef spare ribs in garlic sauce and deep fried squid:
Here's Sean...satisfied with his eats:

Food for the rest of the day was kind of light...I had some strawberries in the afternoonAnd dinner was leftover rice noodle soup and veggie biryani (with some of Dad's sliced beef thrown in):An hour later I had some tea and called the kitchen off limits!

I was getting to work about 45 minutes early last week so I ended up packing all my meals for work. First breakfast was a mix of Optimum Slim and buckwheat cereal to be eaten along with some Almond Breeze at work:Second breakfast involved oatmeal and lunch was the baked penne pasta that I had made the night before along with a side of mixed greens:
Snacks were grapes and strawberries, half of which I used in my oatmeal and it was fantastic. Grapes in oatmeal are awesome!And more snackage included this Dark Chocolate Coconut bar from Kashi.
Dinner included rice cooked in the rice cooker along with pork, mushrooms and Chinese dried sausage and a salad of shredded carrots along with half a raisin bun:

Later in the evening I consumed a Ryvita cracker with cream cheese and prosciutto along with a fried egg and a mug of hot water with lemon and honey:

Breakfast was the same as the previous day. I had actually prepared Monday and Tuesday's meals on Sunday night, which was kind of weird since I don't like preparing food that far in advance, but a great idea because I was really lazy on Monday night. Actually, I just wanted to watch Gossip Girl. Here's the first breakfast cereals:

Followed by lunch and fruits:

And dinner was at the Fickle Pickle in Stouffville with Sean. We both ordered the lamb special, which was a lamb shoulder with rice, potatoes, soup and salad, oh and garlic bread. Yep...lotsa food! I totally forgot to take pics, doh! Even after that incredibly meal, I was still feeling like a little something sweet so Sean and I headed to Metro for some ice cream:

We totally scored on the So Delicious vanilla bean ice cream. The price wasn't coming up on the computer when the cashier scanned the item so he just charged us $1.99 for the whole thing! Normally I see So Delicious selling for at least $4.99!! The Tropical Treets Coconut ice cream was $5.99 though, so everything kind of evened out in the end.

17th...St. Patrick's Day!
I ended up wearing khaki green pants to wear, but not on purpose. Surprisingly there were a lot of older women wearing green that day, a lot of non-Irish ones to boot! Unfortunately no St. Paddy's Day shenanigans at the lab...we're not allowed--or so I assume.
First breakfast for this past week has been a banana with half an English muffin with natural, organic PB. I've been trying to cut down on the amount of food I eat at first breakfast because for a while there, it was getting a little bit out of control. I miss the scrambled eggs with spring mix and a pear (at least there weren't any carbs involved) but it was too much food considering I was going to be consuming oatmeal just an hour later. Speaking of is a rare photo of my oatmeal at work:

I'm now working through a couple boxes of organic instant oatmeal with flax seeds. This week I've been adding grapes and strawberries. Yum!
Please excuse the terrible lunch photos as they were taken in the car. It was also made really early in the morning, while I was rushing to get out of the house, hence car photos. Here we have some just-made organic, multigrain chicken nuggets:

And grapes and strawberries for breakfast and lunch:

Unfortunately the plan to eat said nuggets never really occured because halfway through the day I got a really severe migraine and had to call my dad to bring me something more substantial to eat. (I had left some salad in the work fridge but knew that wouldn't tide me over.) He ended up bringing me some Chinese take-out (rice with pork ribs/chicken feet--the latter of which I did not consume).

After work I headed to the grocery store to pick up some spinach, whole wheat English muffins and the above-pictured green smoothie. Along with a whole bunch of green fruit (kiwi, green apple, pear), it contained spirulina, which I hoped would help me with this terrible throat problem I've been having. I came home and had some of the smoothie along with the following fruit and bowl of wintermelon soup:

Dinner was a plate of random bites of food:

Whole wheat English muffin with natural/organic PB on one side and Artisana coconut butter on the other. I also had some baby carrots, strawberries and grapes. After that I went to bed and didn't wake up until 11.5 hours later. Migraine gone but not without consuming three different types of medication....ugh.

Thank goodness for that baked penne I made earlier last week. It seriously saved my lunches this week so far. Unfortunately I don't have photos of said lunch for today but we've seen it like three times before so I really don't think it's that much of a loss. First breakfast for the day was one end of an English muffin with natural/organic PB:
Dinner for the evening was basmati with leeks and pork ribs:Dessert, in my new bowl, was grapes and a pear:
19th...Friday (thank goodness!!!)
I had plans to hang out with Sean after work so I was totally stoked for the end of work--even before it started! I think my excitement led to a misjudgment with time. As a result, I ended up having to put on my moisturizer and makeup (primer and eyeliner) in the car, as well as eat breakfast (English muffin with PB and a banana, unpictured):
Here's a close-up of the EM with PB:Second breakfast involved oatmeal and my toppings including strawberries, grapes and a nectarine:Lunch was the Everything-Into-The-Bowl Casserole on a bed of spinach:Followed by a peach, strawberries and grapes:
After a little bit of confusion, Sean picked me up from home and we headed to the mall but as usual, I was hungry and ate a pastry from Prague, in the car:Behold, a Czech-style sweet cheese danish with raisins:My mom and her co-worker had lunch in the area and stopped by Prague for some after-lunch sweets. She picked me up a couple of treats, including the aforementioned cheese danish.

The rest of the evening's eats included probably the worst meal I've had in ages: 1/2 rack ribs special at Markham Station with fries, salad and garlic toast. I was hungry so I ordered the special while Sean just ordered the (giant) basket of fries. Both our fries ended up cold and stale. The ribs were also chewy and cold. It was almost as if we got the leftovers from everyone's fries. And my ribs were just like the rib nubs, leftovers from whatever everyone else couldn't finish. For a place that usually makes their fries perfectly (Sean and I liken them to McD fries), we were extremely disappointed. I kept eating because it had been 7+ hours since lunch. I highly doubt we will ever be back--unless it's for all-day breakfast, because how can you really screw up eggs and bacon and toast? However, if anyone can do, Markham Station probably could.

20th...Saturday (Are you tired of all the photos yet??)
I attended the Maple Festival at Kortright Centre Conversation Area with a couple of friends from high school but forgot my memory card in my laptop (duh!) so I only have a few photos with my iPhone. We kind of blitzed through the whole thing, which was a bit of a disappointment since I was really hoping to scope everything out, so I don't have many exciting photos anyway. Before heading to Kortright, I whipped up some orzo pasta with cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and diced cucumber. I dressed it with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper:Things I was able to get photos from at the Maple Festival included this dude, talking about how maple syrup was made back in the old days by boiling off the sap (that is collected from the trees into metal buckets) in giant black pots. And how the maple syrup process in now done in modern times using a tubing method.Holes are dug into the trees and pipes are inserted into the trees:The pipes are then all connected and meet up in a storage tank just outside the Sugar Shack. The tubing was everywhere!

The rest of my day was spent with one of my university friends, Dianne. I met her and her boyfriend at their newly-purchased condo and we made pizzas on whole wheat pita bread. I topped mine with Whole Foods brand roasted garlic pasta sauce (I thought it was just regular tomato sauce, oops!), spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. After that we split a mini tiramisu from Metro that was super delish and dug into a box of Peak Freans tea cookies, which I haven't had in ages. I only had three just in case the refined sugars gave me a headache/stomach ache the next day. It was an awesome evening as I hadn't seen Dianne in months. We spent hours just catching up.


That's all for now. I want to save yesterday's recap for another post.

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