March 14, 2010


I'm a little behind on food recaps. I recapped one day but then forgot about a couple of days last week...oops! Here I am getting caught up:

Breakfast was pretty awesome. I made a grape tomato egg scramble and ate that atop a bed of spring mix greens with a pear:Party in my mouth! I'm trying to stay away from carbs during first breakfast. I find myself too full for oatmeal during second breakfast but I know that I need to eat the oatmeal during my break at work, otherwise I won't last the four hours until my lunch break.
It really pays to have pre-prepared lunches. What I mean by that is that on Monday night, I had prepared lunches for the following three days. I know that seems excessive but I knew that I'd be spending the next two nights after work out, so I wouldn't have time to prepare lunch for the following morning at work. Doing all of my lunch prep on Monday work saved me a LOT of work and allowed me to enjoy full meals throughout the week without resorting to calling my dad and begging him to bring me something to eat (most likely pizza) to work.
Thursday was the last of the organic chicken drumstick with cucumber sticks and mini carrots. I also had strawberries, most of which I used for my second breakfast oatmeal:Along with that I had a giant salad of spring mix with goat cheese, sliced radishes and cucumbers: I topped it with a Blueberry St. John's Wart dressing from a Toronto company that I picked up at Whole Foods. I put my name on a Post-It note and stuck it to the dressing bottle in the work fridge in hopes that my co-workers don't throw out/steal my dressing like they did with my last bottle. Not cool.Snacks included a pear and Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut granola bar:As well as a couple dried mango slices and some Mary's Organic Crackers (Herb flavour):I kept the crackers for the ride home from work. Around 5:30, I get really noshy. Dinner was really unappetizing but I was not in the mood to cook for myself and since dad's dinner involved mushrooms, I decided to eat some:
Basmati rice with some kind of "stew." Spare ribs with weird tofu "balls" (I only had two since I'm technically supposed to avoid all soy since it's an IBS trigger) along with bok choy, some kind of leaf-like funghus I don't know the English name for and shitake mushrooms. It was okay. I didn't finish off my small bowl.

I ended off the night with a cup of peppermint tea and a Tim's-filled bowl of kettlecornbut times the above by two. I'm a kettlecorn addict.


Vegan Failure Day, which was so epic (because of my idiocy), it needed a post of its own.


The day started off really early. Too early in fact, but at least I started the day off right:Almond Breeze with buckwheat cereal and Optimum Slim and from what you see below, it was pretty tasty:Also, say hello to my new cereal/everything bowl--though it really is a mug from Urban Outfitters. It's a giant mug, courtesy of Sean. Thanks Sean! I love that mug. He also got a blue one, which you'll see later.
Lunch was vermicelli soup with pork, green onions and iceberg lettuce. Weirdly, iceberg lettuce is really great when cooked. It has a really lovely sweet taste.Snacks for the afternoon included this Kind Bar, which I was finally able to find at Whole Foods. I only picked up two (just in case I didn't like them), this kind being Almond & Coconut. I ate this while in the mall shopping for work clothes and a new stove. Then on the way home I stopped by a nearby Indian grocery for some naan bread and FINALLY found the elusive kulfi that I always saw the kids eating in the shop. I settled on a pistachio one:Eaten on the car ride home:
I'm really glad I don't drive because I tend to eat a LOT of things in the car.

And like I mentioned earlier...dinner was naan bread with leftover Indian food: mattar paneer and my last Vita Coco (with pineapple):
I'm already craving more Vita Coco and have already tried seeking other coconut water at Asian grocery shops with no luck--although the one I did check was a little sketchy to begin with.

Later in the evening I was craving some fruit like mad but the options were limited: apples or oranges. I decided to go with an orange since my dad's apple-picking skills leave something to be desired:This orange was a little dried out though so it's best use was probably for juicing, which I haven't done in ages since it's nearing the end of winter. Wintertime just does not bring out the juicer in me although I really should have done that when we had a bunch of spinach around when it was on sale for a $1/lb.


This morning the orange decide to take its revenge on me for calling it dry. Out of the six times I've eaten an orange in the past 6 weeks, five of those times, I've ended up befriending the Porcelain. I don't know what's going on with my bowels since oranges are not one of my IBS triggers but the oranges just don't like me!

At first it was any kind of tomato-involving substance last summer; no matter what kind of tomato sauce I ate or where it came from or who prepared it, I ended up with the worst amount of heartburn...the kind that no amount of Rolaids or Gas X could cure. It was painful, extremely painful. Even after enjoying what was a really incredible spaghetti putanesca back in NYC last July, I really regretted my decision the next day. I was in pain all the day long. I ended up in the hotel room taking a nap for part of the afternoon while Sean scoured town for a chicken snack--apparently one that was not to be missed--except for me, who was in pain and can't eat non-organic chicken anyway.

So yeah, it looks like my body is rejecting foods in order of the colours of the rainbow. I can't remember how long the tomato rejection lasted but I figure the orange rejection will last the same amount of time. It sucks because a) I love oranges and b) I depend on oranges as my greatest source of vitamin C.

Next up on the rainbow is yellow so that probably means bananas, which I'm okay with because I don't really like bananas anyway. They're good with PB or AB or possibly CB (coconut butter, which I have yet to try) and Crofter's spread but other than that, I could forgo bananas for the rest of my life. Oh, they're good in baking though. Darn.

Now I'm waiting on my parents to get back home so we can go finish the purchase on our new stove and purchase a fridge and washer/dryer. Woo! Shiny new stainless steel appliances just waiting to be used. I can't wait for the new stove and oven. Finally a new oven that hopefully is calibrated properly so I can make macarons properly!


Anonymous said...

i eat a lot of things inthe car too, but i'm terrible, it's usually when i'm behind teh wheel!!! i love how most of your food pics are shot from directly overhead, looks cool! mm pear, can't wait to enjoy some of those from the farmer's market once they finally become available! heartburn sounds awful!

RudePrincess said...

Did you end up getting all your shiney new stainless steel kitchen appliances?!?! If so we might be baking at your palce next time. My place currently has zero cabinet covers. That's right. Zero. They took them all away in hopes that they will get them all to match. And to not get so easily stained. It's Looney I says!

Dominique said...

No new appliances yet...not until next Tuesday, almost a whole week away. I can't wait though it kind of makes me want to stay at home now--five minutes away from work, shiny new parents are trying to entice me to stay home!

I can't believe you have no cabinet doors now! That's like at Sean's house where a couple of them fell off. I hope thy get fixed soon but at least you now have easy access.