March 15, 2010


After seeing Elina of Healthy and Sane's posts featuring Kind Bars so often, I just knew I had to have them. I'm pretty much a sucker for trying anything once (that'll probably get me into some trouble sooner or later--actually it has). I found a good variety of these at Whole Foods when Sean and I visited last week just before the Vivian Girls concert but because so many of them were drizzled with yogurt and the ingredients contained soy--something I'm trying to stay away from being of IBS--I went with the Almond & Coconut and Nut Delight options instead. They did have other non-yogurt options but those all contained ingredients I'm not fond of (walnuts/sesame/dried apricots).

Anyway, as I like to eat in the car, I decided to enjoy the Kind Bars while on the way to the mall. First up...Almond & Coconut:Here's a lookie at the ingredients:Notice the glucose listed as the fifth product? Well I sure didn't. I tend to shy away from products manufactured with glucose/fructose (those that aren't naturally present like in fruits) so I was a little hesitant to eat this but I was hungry and it was the only thing in my purse and I was more willing to eat the Kind Bar than picking up something from the mall food court.

Next up, the nutritionals:
200 calories...crud. A little more than I had first thought. I like to keep my bars under 200 calories since I tend to use them as snacks rather than energy boosters. Oh well, at least there isn't a lot of sodium so my dad can't berate me for that.

Here's a lookie at the bar itself after unwrapping:And here's a cross-section:So the first thing you'll notice with the Almond & Coconut Kind Bar, besides the ginormous whole almonds and shredded coconut is the overwhelming scent of coconut. No wait, scratch that. Or wait, I would if I could so just forget it instead...there is no such thing as the overwhelming scent of coconut. Intoxicating, that's more like it. If everything smelled like coconut--ooh, toasted coconut--this world would be a happy place.

How much: $2.39 (ouch!)
Purchased where: Whole Foods
Verdict: Two thumbs up!


And now onto the next Kind Bar...and sadly, the last one...Nut Delight! Again, eaten in the car. Here is the packaging.And here's a photo of the bar itself:That's pretty much all you're getting because I forgot to the ingredients and nutritional list. The big difference with this bar is that it was really hard. Like corn nuts hard. Possibly even harder. I actually thought I was going to break a tooth in the fridge aisle as my parents and I browsed for fridges. I didn't like it as much as I liked the Almond & Coconut variety but then anything with coconut gets a huge thumbs-up from me. The Nut Delight version contained whole almonds, peanuts (which I'm not a huge fan of), brazil nuts (which I hardly noticed) and walnuts (which I also don't like unless they're in a chewy brownie). So while I wasn't crazy about this one, I ate it anyway--I was starving! Just not crazy about the peanuts and corn-nut texture. Maybe it was old stock.

Cost: $2.39
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Would I purchase again? Despite my claims, yes...but I'd make sure I got a fresh one.

Note: I only got two bars just in case I didn't like them. Almond & Coconut though--who was I trying to kid?!

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