February 4, 2010


I cannot WAIT for the weekend to begin. I know, I know...I've still got one more day of work to get through but I'm already excited. I'm been looking forward to this week for what seems like ages. Sean has the weekend off and we actually have exciting plans that involve other people! Tomorrow night we're having dinner with some high school/old co-workers and on Saturday we're hanging out with each other (Sean's parents are in Vegas for the weekend). On Sunday Jessie's having us over for the SuperBowl so we're going to eat and watch football--or at least a bit of it. I'm not a football fan by any means but I'll take any excuse to get together and eat! So far I've got organic tortilla chips and salsa on the brain. I was going to make fruits in white tea jelly for dessert but figure something more comforting and winter-like would be better. Maybe apple crumble? Or fancy cupcakes? I don't know! But either way, I'm hella excited for the weekend!


Today was a weird day at work. Everything kind of went wrong. First off, I made a bunch of really stupid mistakes (like writing down the wrong courier company when I had attached the courier waybill)! Then I forgot my oatmeal for second breakfast, forgot the salad dressing for my lunch and forgot my water bottle. It's a miracle I remember anything sometimes, geez! What the heck is going to happen to me 20 years from now?? I'm already scared!

For breakfast this morning I had a PB&J sandwich on 12 grain bread and then had fruit for second breakfast. Three and a half hours later though, I felt a migraine coming on and knew that half of the lunch I had packed wouldn't suffice, so I called my dad and pretty much begged him to bring me some pizza. Sad, I know! This is the only problem with my current workplace--there is nowhere nearby to eat! You pretty much have to drive somewhere or order in, and I didn't have enough time for that.

So instead of eating this:Romaine lettuce with radishes, mini carrots and strawberries; two multigrain-encrusted organic chicken fingers and a bunch of flax-encrusted sweet potato balls, I had a slice of Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Pizza.

Then I got home from work and wanted more pizza! My dad was kind enough to pick up some whole wheat pitas on the way home from picking up my brother from the bus stop and I made two different kinds of pita pizzas:
Left: pear with feta
Right: Mushrooms, zucchini, tomato and feta

While I always love the sweet and savory combo, the tri-veggie combo won this time around. I don't usually post recipes on here, mainly because Sean's the only one who reads this thing but just in case there's another one of you out there, here's some easy instructions on how to make your own pita pizzas:

Wicked Easy Pear & Feta Pita Pizzas:
- whole wheat pita (I usually get the really thin one, I can't think of the brand right now but my dad buys it from an Indian grocery store)
- 1/2 ripe pear (Barlett or Anjou work best)
- approx. 1 tsp. feta cheese (I used goat's milk feta)
  1. Toast your pita bread. This step is super easy if you have a toaster oven. If you don't own, you really should. I cannot stop singing the praises of my toaster oven. I think Sean's tired of hearing me talk about my toaster oven. Anyway, if you don't have one you'll probably need to bake your pita at 350F for five minutes or so. I honestly have no clue since I always use the toaster oven.
  2. While the pita bread cools down, remove stem and core from the pear. (I keep the skin on but if you prefer, you can peel it.) Thinly slice the pear...thumbs up if you have a mandolin slicer.
  3. When pita bread is cool enough to handle, arrange the pear slices on the pita bread and then crumble the feta over the pita.
  4. Place pita bread back into toaster oven and broil for five minutes. Again, if you don't have a toaster oven you'll have to use the oven and watch the pita carefully.
  5. Remove from oven when edges of pear are slightly "crimped" and feta begins to "set" or melt a little, just a teeny little bit.
  6. Enjoy!
I love this recipe because it takes no time at all. I made three pita pizzas by prepping by topping while they each took their turn in the toaster oven. Then I arranged all the toppings and then broiled them for five minutes. The one with the veggies took a little bit longer because the tomato was raw and I wanted it to be a little bit more cooked through. I even did a sink full of dishes while I waited for my pizzas to broil. Super quick and easy and you can customize your pizza any way you want. Another one of my fave toppings is black olives, mushrooms and feta cheese. Mmmm.

And that's all for today. It's another short entry. I have to pack my stuff for the weekend.

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