January 21, 2010


The raccoons are keeping me up. I also can't sleep because I'm hungry. This happens almost every night because I tend to catch up on my regular list of food blogs in the evening (it's a nice way to wind down the day) but everyone's food photos make me hungry. I forgot to exercise today too...oops!

Skipped breakfast today and puttered around the kitchen for quite some time. I wasn't really craving anything for lunch so instead of eating for the sake of it, I waited until I was hungry and inspired and came up with this:A whole wheat pita and I spread half with cream cheese, a small bowl type thing with kidney bean soup, mini carrots, cucumber slices, grapes and a clementine. It was a fun "snacky" platter.Surprisingly all that kept me full while I baked three different batches of muffins and ate two of the three as an afternoon snack before dinner...Martha Stewart's healthy banana blueberry muffins and a blueberry cornmeal muffin from All Recipes:I had a pre-dinner "snack" of a bowl of kidney soup and rice with a glass of organic milk:and then I just had to taste the three muffin...the same blueberry cornmeal muffin, this time with applesauce instead of melted butter and added frozen strawberries:Dinner was obviously not until a couple hours later at which point I had very small platter of three honey and garlic pork ribs, a veggie spring roll and some rice with sweet and sour squid:But of course the day's eats could not be done--this is me we're talking about! My stomach is hardly ever full so about 3.5 hours later I wanted a snack and decided that a small plate of pineapple would suffice along with this Ryvita cracker with cream cheese and sliced radishes:and then I decided it was time to close the kitchen--for real!

Sometimes Sean jokes that I have a tapeworm in my stomach because I eat so much but somehow manage to lose or maintain my weight with little to no exercise and he has no idea how I do it. Honestly, I have no idea how I do it either. If you think about it and look back at the food I've eaten, it's really just small amounts of food really frequently throughout the day. So while it looks like a lot of food, most of it is healthy and not in large quantities.

Or maybe I just do have a tapeworm.

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