May 11, 2010


Following a breakfast of Pancake Truffles, my family (sans David since he was in Montreal for a wedding) headed to our fave dim sum place for lunch. Since it had only been about an hour since I had eaten I was crazy hungry but the 30 minute wait helped make some space in my stomach.

The usual suspects were eaten including these pork, shrimp and chive dumplings (none for me, evil shrimp!)Tripe (I wasn't in the mood for any):Pork dumplings (which unfortunately, this place makes with shrimp, evil, evil shrimp):Stuffed bean curd (it comes stuffed with bamboo, pork, shitake, etc):
My favourite rice dish with dried sausage and sliced pork belly (so bad but so good):And baby pork ribs?We also ordered a separate rice noodle dish. I thought rice noodle with beef and vegetable meant a plethora of vegetables but they weren't kidding with the singular vegetable spelling as this is what we got:The rest of the day was spent constantly on the go. There was a short trip to the mall, a jaunt to the cemetery and then we were off to MeVaMe for dinner for four. Oh and a 60+ minute wait. Yep, that's right. We arrived 45 minutes later than my dad and I had initially planned and because of it, our wait was more than an hour long. I kind of half expected it and thank goodness for the Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar in my purse. It definitely came in handy. It saved me from having to gnaw someone else's arm off--phew!

Ordering didn't take very long and once we informed our waitress that we had waited over an hour (not in a demanding way), she brought us our salads, pita and pickles/peppers pronto:I even remembered to get the dressing on the side this time and I'm really glad I did once I saw my dad's platter sans salad; his had a small pool of dressing left--blech! I got my usual, lamb chops (medium), but this time with a side of fries:

My mom got the lamb skewers with fries:Dad got the stuffed rainbow trout (stuffed with mini shrimp, mushrooms and some other "crap"--his words, not mine), with a side of rice (unpictured):And brother #2 got the schnitzel with mashed potatoes:The photos are kind of crappy and I forgot about taking them before everyone could dig in so everyone's food has kind of been dug into already. What can I say...waiting more than an hour for food does that to people.

Anyway, I was not satisfied with my fourth dinner at MeVaMe because my lamb was seriously overcooked. I had asked for it medium and there was not one sight of pink anywhere to be seen. I ate one and a half of the chops and called it a night. I picked away at my fries and ate most of them while my mom ate one of her skewers. Her lamb wasn't as overcooked as mine but it was still a little overcooked. Anyway, our waitress eventually showed up, after at least 30 minutes, to ask us how our dinner was and my mom mentioned our meat being overcooked. After checking with her notepad, our waitress offered to see if she could get the uneaten portion of our lamb recooked. Well, I was certainly chuffed. I kind of wished I had done that in the first place but I'm always a little bit afraid of what the chef might put into (or spit into) my newly-made dish.

A little while later, my mom's new lamb skewer arrived and my plate of four new chops arrived cooked to medium perfection. It was great. It kind of made up for the fact that we had to wait over an hour, that we always have to ask for our water to be refilled, that our waitress didn't come back to ask us how we were doing until 30+ minutes later, etc.

Honestly, I kind of wonder why I've been back to MeVaMe so many times but then I remember how much it costs to eat the exact same meal at another restaurant (easily $20 plus) and then realize that perhaps all the aggravation is worth it. But then maybe I just eat there because 3 out of 4 times, I've never really had a say.

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