May 18, 2010


May 1st. What better way to start the new month than a visit to Hoof Cafe? Well, heck, there isn't any! After a ridiculously early morning (I still can't believe that people get up at 6am!), Sean and I treated ourselves to a breakfast at Hoof Cafe.I already knew exactly what I was in the mood for the moment we sat down to a table in the center of the small restaurant, but as I glanced up at the menu, it was nowhere to be seen:My precious buckwheat pancakes with duck, where were you?? Instead, they had been replaced with Blood Sausage & Crepes. Hmph. A few other changes had been made to the chalkboard since our last visit in late February (for my 27th in fact). First of all, what the hell could a Healthy Salad be at Hoof Cafe, land of all that is pork? I couldn't even remember what it had replaced except for maybe some kind of pasta dish that I never embarked upon during my two previous visits. I was glad to see that the french toast with optional foie gras was still available but knew that I wasn't in the mood for that. I was intrigued by the sound of risotto of wild ramps and pancetta. Could this be something I replicate at home with the leeks sitting in the trunk of Sean's car? I then thought to myself, is this something I could order at 10 in the morning? I wavered between the blood sausage and risotto but my decision was made simple since Sean decided to go with the blood sausage.

Our meals arrived and looked fantastic, as always--Sean's blood sausage & crepe with goat cheese, a little date and brown sugar on top of the sausage.
And check out my risotto of ramps and wild pancetta with fried scallions:Both dishes at Hoof were great. The risotto had a little bit of heat due to some red pepper flakes which I think were a great addition. This was my first taste of ramps (also known as wild leeks) and I didn't really know what to expect beyond their onion-y flavour but this was quite pleasant. I was excited about the ramps now sitting in Sean's trunk!

We also got an order of bone marrow and strawberry donut holes to-go for Sean's parents but they only ended up eating two, one each. We were left with four so Sean and I split the rest: At $5 for 6 holes, I think this is the priciest foodstuffs I've ever bought. I think they might be pricier than macarons because look at how tiny they are:See, giant fingers and tiny beignets! I swear the first time Sean and I ordered these they were bigger. It seems like they keep shrinking in size or my hands are getting bigger--which I kind of doubt. Hmmm...

Hoof Cafe never disappoints. Well, except for those beignets. I really don't think I can justify paying $6 for those anymore, no matter how good they are. I could possibly replicate them at home--though I doubt I would bother trying. Plus, I'm not really a beignet-type of girl, let alone a sweets fan. They're a luxury, that they are, but would I rather indulge in something more scrumptious at Hoof? Yes. Like perhaps that Hay Ham or Pork Belly Pastrami that I have yet to try. Oh well, there's always a fourth trip.

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