May 9, 2010


What better way to celebrate your mom than by whipping up a breakfast of Pancake Truffles? The weather in your part of town might be cold and grey and warrant wearing your winter coat--like the weather in my part of town--but nothing would make it better like a plate of these:I followed Caitlin's recipe to a T, except I didn't have any pecans on hand so I used walnuts instead. I had a little bit of difficulty getting the batter around the banana pieces but then realized that wetting your hand does the trick. Obviously there were horrible to eat:Just kidding! These were fantastic! My bananas were really ripe so I omitted the maple syrup and ate these as is. We're now all out of bananas but I can't wait for some more ripe bananas so I can make another batch of these ASAP. Thanks for a great recipe, Caitlin. Two thumbs up!


RudePrincess said...

These pancake truffles appear to have no pancake batter nor truffles in them. Seems a bit misleading. Good looking though.

Dominique said...

You have to click the link silly! The recipe features pancake batter (I used whole wheat with ground flax) and they're called truffles because they end up being shaped like that.