May 18, 2010


I'm home with a migraine today. I've been asleep for the better part of 14 hours. I just got up now because my stomach is hurting. Cramps. Horrible cramps on top of a migraine and serious neck pain. On top of that, I'm just not going to excuse myself for my lack of posts anymore. My social life has gotten in the way. Clearly hanging out with Sean is more of a priority than blogging. I think you all understand ;) Anyway, let's get caught up!

First breakfast was a leftover pancake truffle:and second breakfast was instant oatmeal with the usual fixin's. Monday's lunch was courtesy of MeVaMe:Three lamb chops with my dad's leftover rice and baby carrots. Delicious! Along with some fruit: strawberries and what looks like a bunch of pear:In the evening Sean and I had plans to go to Greek town (in the Danforth area) for some good Greek food but prices were more than we had anticipated so we decided to hit up Arepa Cafe instead, for our free meal. Photos to come.


First breakfast was a cup of 2% milk and second breakfast was oatmeal. Lunch was half courtesy of Arepa Cafe and half courtesy of my freezer. First up with Arepa Cafe's fish empanada with guacamole:Along with a bunch of ramp and goat cheese ravioli:Fruits included grapes and pear:Dinner was ribs with some kind of Chinese veg and basmati rice:

Breakfast was another cup of organic 2% and second breakfast was some more oatmeal. My breakfasts have become pretty standard lately especially when I have a giant 4L bag of milk to finish. Lunch was pretty rockin' though. I had a prosciutto and cucumber sandwich on a sesame bagel from MONTREAL (!!!) courtesy of my brother who had gone there last weekend for a wedding:Along with some red lentil soup:
strawberries, grapes, apple and pear:
Dinner was a homemade combo from Famous Sam's taken to-go and eaten at Sean's house. Notice my little pickled beet at the top:
While I ate that, Sean ate this:Clockwise from top: smoked cheese (can't remember the name of it), blackberries, mustard, pickled fish, onions, carrots and capers on pumpernickel and pickled beets.

Quite a contrast, don'cha think?


More milk and oatmeal for first and second breakfast. Nothing terribly exciting or new so let's move along, shall we? Lunch was actually more of the same fare. Montreal sesame bagel with prosciutto with cucumber slices:along with black bean soup:Fruit was grapes and strawberries:I left work early on Thursday to attend (with Sean) what I thought was Janice boyfriend's art exhibit but there was a bit of miscommunication, so it was actually an art exhibit of someone else and his part was hand-making the artbook. Anyway, I had half a Bliss Bowl from Freshii and then went out to dinner with Sean, Janice, her BF Tony and a couple of his friends. We ended up at the Harlem Underground, which I which I had taken proper photos of because the food was fantastic. I'm sure Sean and I will end up there again so I can do a proper review.


Milk and oatmeal for the morning. Luckily I had Harlem Underground leftovers for lunch. I present you with their mac and cheese:followed by candied yams:
and grapes and strawberries:Dinner on Friday was an egg and tomato sandwich that Sean made me at his house. Later in the evening we ended up watching episodes 5-8 of Glee and while watching Rachel and Finn eat pizza, we wanted some of our own so we headed to the town's Pizza Pizza and grabbed a whole medium pepperoni for only $5! Ridiculous! I can't believe how cheap whole pizzas have become. I think an extra-large was only $9.99.


The morning was spent making cupcakes which turned out to be an epic fail. I don't know if it was the chocolate that I used (which wasn't the usual 70% Lindt) or overbeating (is that possible for cupakes? apparently so) but they just weren't cupcakes that I could present to my old co-worker as a pre-wedding batch. I'm making 100 cupcakes for her wedding in June (less than a month away!) and I wanted to show her what they're going to look like in-person, since she's only seen them in pictures.

After major baking failure, I felt kind of defeated so I really didn't want to eat anything, let alone cook anything. In the end, I'm glad I ended up cooking because I feasted on this:I planned on making an omelette for lunch but as I was cooking the onions and leeks, creativity struck me and I decided to make a kind of spaghetti carbonara/primavera. I cooked up an onion with half a leek, four shitake mushrooms (sliced) and one slice of prosciutto (chopped). While the veg was sauteeing I was preparing the egg mixture. I cracked and beated two eggs and to that I added about 1/4 cup of grated parmesan reggiano and some heavy cream. I cooked the spaghetti al dente then added it to the pan with the veg and prosciutto. I stirred everything around and then took the pan off the heat. I added the egg mixture to the pan and mixed everything quickly. You must do this to ensure that the eggs do not cook. After a quick stir I had the most glorious late lunch.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Sean and food included a large cup of steeped tea from Tim Hortons, fish and a half serving of sweet potato fries from Stouffville Fish 'n Chips. We also watched Sleeping Beauty, which I had never seen before.

It was a "No Photo Sunday" instead.

First breakfast was nil. I woke up feeling a little sluggish and not really in the mood to eat anything. I had big plans for second breakfast though. Instead of my usual hot instant oatmeal, I whipped up this vegan overnight oatmeal, courtesy of Angela, from Oh She Glows. I followed her recipe here, subbing her Amazing Grass protein for the hemp one that I currenly have. Here's what mine looked like after a night in the fridge:I meant to complete the recipe with the banana soft serve part but completely forgot about the bananas I had left in the freezer. Oh well. Anyway, I realized that I don't like protein powders--any of them. They're too grainy and I can't "taste" them. I had to choke down the overnight oats and still couldn't finish it off--even after I had added juicy strawberries to the green goo. I'm going to remake them--because they were delicious and a great substitute for hot oatmeal during the hot weather--but next time, I'll skip the protein powder.
Lunch was kind of random. I made a mushroom and tomato omelette:but then also had a Montreal sesame bagel with prosciutto. Where's the cucumber slices, you ask? We didn't have any :(Sad times all around. At least there was fruit to cheer me up:Too bad this wasn't quite enough food to keep me full. I ate all that food in 30 minutes and still felt hungry. I had a cookie that was who-knows-how-old in my lunch bag and actually ended up eating it. I was still hungry after that. I had a migraine all day long and was feeling pretty cruddy and was hoping that some food was all I needed. Unfortunately, it was not :(

So after my random lunch, I felt a good dinner was in order. Actually, I just wanted some meat. Good thing, meat was on the menu! The original plan was for fried beef but the meat my dad had bought was so tender that he actually ended up making impromptu "steaks" for everyone. I used my meat in a D'Italiano Tuscan Herb sandwich thin along with some veg and kidney bean soup:along with some really great berries and a cup of tea:Great way to spend a Monday. But I also had a migraine so I went to bed hella early, 10:30 as planned.


And now I'm finally caught up. Wow.

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