May 23, 2010


Dinner last night was courtesy of my brother. We were the only two home since my parents and other bro were in Niagara overnight for a soccer tournament. Go Dad's team!

No photos of dinner but it was half a t-bone steak with french fries. Needless to say, with IBS, a swift trip to the bathroom ensued. Ugh. It probably wasn't the best of ideas considering my stomach's still on the mend from the funky chicken but lesson learned. No more beef. Sean came by to hang out and asked if it was worth it and normally my answer would have been an excited "yes!" but tonight, it was a sad "no."

This morning's breakfast was whole wheat flax seed banana pancakes. I know that sounds like a mouthful but the pancakes were actually made from a mix and dead easy. I love this mix. I was on the search for a whole wheat pancake mix for ages, without having to revert to Whole Foods. I finally found one at Longo's (yay, Longo's to the rescue) and love this mix because it contains ground flax seed. Here's a look at the package:
It was $3.99 for the whole thing and one prep's worth makes 10-12 four-inch pancakes. The best part is that you can keep them vegan by using non-dairy milk (almond works well) and omitting the egg. The mixture will thicken on its own due to the combination of ground flax and chosen liquid. I don't have any photos since the pancakes were actually for Sean. I'll take it that they were good could they not be...pancakes with bananas? Who doesn't like those??

My breakfast, since my stomach was still a little bit queasy, was a bowl of egg thread soup with minimal asparagus and a small slice of some multigrain prebiotic bread:I have no idea what the deal is with this bread. I'll have to read the package a little bit more carefully next time. My dad is the one who picked it up at the grocery store and I'm glad he's into checking out the various healthier items on offer.

Lunch was a few hours later. I wanted something that tasty good but wouldn't take too long to cook. I had spent much of the morning reading up on recipes from The Single Dish when I stumbled upon her recipe for beef stroganoff. Her recipe can be found here. Instead of using sour cream (because I didn't have any), I used whipped cream and also subbed beef broth for organic chicken broth since I had a carton already open in the fridge. Here's my gigantic portion that I really should not have eaten all of but the mushrooms were impossible to resist:
I used waaaay more than the six mushrooms her recipe lists but I'm obsessed with mushrooms. I probably used at least double and I still thought it could have used more mushrooms.

3/5 of the family is still not back from Dad's soccer tournament (he's the coach) so I'm guessing that his team is headed for the final match. If his team had lost, they probably would have been home by now or at least will be home within 30 minutes. I'm bored out of my mind. I really want to bake muffins but we don't have any whole wheat flour (that I know of) and we don't have any blueberries or raspberry jam or sliced almonds (for three different recipes I've been eying all weekend).

Well I'm off...the toilet is a callin' but this time, the beef stroganoff was totally worth it--mostly due to the mushrooms so I'm going to have to find some kind of meat substitute next time. Perhaps pork. My stomach seems to deal with that one okay.


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