May 21, 2010


I've got a mild case of food poisoning. Pretty much what I suspected the whole time. So why did I let it the symptoms go on for so long? Well, like I said, it's a mild case and pretty much like all the other sicknesses I've felt for the past little while, I thought it would go away on its own.

I'm now on a course of electrolytes (darn no Vita Coco around):
and Gaviscon for the abdominal cramps:
Plus some prescription cream for my hand rash. Just finished off this glorious platter of strawberries:
and am digging into this bowl of egg congee with BBQ pork:My dad made it with organic chicken broth so there's a little bit more oomph than usual.

I'm catching up with all my favourite food blogs (ie: all the ones I've got bookmarked which is shockingly close to 30) and then I'm probably going to lie down and take it easy. News alert: just read the ingredients on the box of my Gastrolyte and it contains aspartame ("as sweetening agent") so I will definitely not be consuming that. I'm on the search for Gatorade which we will probably not have in this house. Oh well. I hope that the almond milk I'm downing now will help replenish my fluids.

Earlier in the day I had a small handful of kale chips (yum!) and half a banana, in the car while heading to the doctor's. I'm still getting stomach upset after I eat so I'm trying not to overdo it but I have lost about 1.5lbs overnight so I'm trying to put some of that back on. I haven't really been feeling hungry though--a miracle, for sure--so it's been slow to start.

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