May 4, 2010


Here's hoping this is the last of a long-winded food recap. I'm really hoping to get caught up...starting tomorrow! This should really become one of my May goals: blog food on a more daily basis, or at least more than once a week. Yeesh.

Breakfast was a little bit different than usual. I had a small bunch of grapes along with half a sandwich thin with PB but decided to mix things up and added a slice of prosciutto:

Weird, I know. Probably not a re-do, if you know what I mean.
Lunch was a sandwich thin with pear, prosciutto and rawsome shrooms along with mini carrots:along with the remaining pear and grapes:and the chocolate shortbread cookies (they never got eaten) and salty Nut Thin crackers that I saved for the ride home from work:Dinner was fantastic. I had a sandwich thin with cucumber slices and beef cooked with onions along with a huge selection of fruits and veggies:I had grapes, mango, strawberries, blackberries and cucumber sticks. It was pretty freakin' epic.

You know it's going to be a good food day when breakfast involves figs. Breakfast was half a sandwich thin with PB and CB and a fig on the side:These figs are fantastic and they were only $1.99 for a pint. I have no idea where they came from and I no longer have the plastic container to check (I don't feel like riffling through the recycling bin), but something tells me they are not local. Oh well. I did pay $2.49 for local leeks so I guess it evens out.

Lunch was a Tuscan Herb sandwich thin (delish!) with the same prosciutto, rawsome shrooms and cucumber slices combo, along with more figs and cucumber sticks:
and what Dom-lunch would not be complete without copious amounts of fruit? This time I had blackberries, strawberries, grapes and mango:Sean picked me up after work and eventually we made our way to Sushi on 7, a nearby all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph most of the stuff I ate so I only have this plate of empty edamame pods and a short rib bone:But at least I've got photos of dessert! I had the fried banana and deep-fried green tea ice cream:

The deep-fried ice cream is actually just a serving of ice cream covered in toasted panko crumbs. When I first ordered it a long time ago I thought it was really weird but the crispy texture is really nice.===

29th...Happy Birthday Mom!
I'm not even going to pretend like first breakfast was healthy because it wasn't. A bread-like cake topped with butter and brown sugar...yeah, not so healthy. Not at all. Tasty? Hells yes, though. Sean made this Scandinavian delight called Bernsvigger. I'm not even sure that's how you spell it but that's what it sounds like when it's pronounced. Anyhoo, it's delicious and I love it!
Lunch was a little more healthy, involving leftover baked salmon, sauteed cabbage and basmati. I was basically lazy and just took whatever leftovers were available for lunch:At least the fruits were worth it: grapes, figs and strawberries:
Dinner was a celebration for my mom's birthday. We went to our usual Chinese restaurant, which serves great Peking duck. My dad and I had some errands to run before the dinner (ie: pick up the Dufflet carrot cake) so we dropped off the rest of the family. By the time my dad and I sat down for dinner, I was starving and forgot to take pics of a few of the dishes I indulged in. I did the best I could though.

So the Peking duck is served with thin steamed rice wrappers (kind of like tortillas) which you "accessorize" with oyster sauce, thin strips of cucumber and green onion. Then you wrap it up like a tortilla wrap and eat it up. It's so delicious! I ate two. They use the remaining duck meat for a sort of veggie and duck stir-fry that you eat as lettuce wraps:Next up was Cantonese chow mein. This was served with seafood so I picked around it and chose the snap pea, broccoli and two different kinds of mushrooms. Unfortunately, even though I didn't directly eat a piece of shellfish (it came with shrimps and scallops), it still made my tongue swell the next day:There was also a beef with mango dish and I ate that with a bit of rice. It also came with peppers and pineapple:And fried fish with fake crab sauce:It was a really great meal but definitely too much food. I didn't even have any space left in mah belly to eat any carrot cake. For shame!

I took the 30th off from blogging. It was a much-needed break anyway. I ended up going to bed before 9pm!

Awesome food much so that it deserves its own post. See ya soon!


Diana said...

Darn straight, figs make a meal GOOD! :D Dried figs are my favorite.

Dominique said...

I wish fresh figs were available for longer than however long they're available for in Ontario. Or that maybe I didn't live in a province where have the year it's snowing and cold.