August 3, 2009


It's been a week since my return from New York and so much has been going on that I've neglected to update the blog. Not to worry though, as I have a ton of back-logged material to post.

Day two in New York started with a trip to Absolute Bagels for a taste of these bagels that are supposed to be as good as Montreal bagels. The verdict? Good, but nothing beats Montreal bagels. I had a sesame with apple cream cheese and Sean had a sesame with butter.We ate our bagels while walking along some park path along the Hudson River. I only ate half of my bagel as we had big plans to eat at Tom's Restaurant, the exterior of which is the restaurant used in Seinfeld. Here we are with our choice of breakfast. I had two sunnyside-up eggs with toast, homefries and toast. Sean had an ham, egg and cheese sandwich with a side of homefries.Once stuffed and oustide the restaurant, we thought it would be fun to take pics of the restaurant's exterior:
And then we decided to take a tour of Times Square (which isn't all that interesting except for the fact that there are a bazillion people around at all times.

After checking out Times Square, we took the subway to SoHo and spent most of the day there. It's mostly an area for shopping and we did happen to come across (one of) the world's most expensive chocolate shops, Vosges. You know you're a foodie when you spent almost $18US on two bars of chocolate. But boy, were they worth it. Sean got the Oaxaca bar while I got Mo's Bacon Bar. I don't think I need to tell you how delicious those chocolate bars were. I still have some in my mini fridge only because I'm saving it for those moments when I'm craving something sweet, because of course, nothing does the trick like an $8 bar of chocolate, ha!

The plan for the evening was to take the subway to Little Italy and find a place to have some awesome Italian food. As we walked up and down Mulberry, from Canal up to Spring, we decided to stop in at a place whose name I cannot remember. Actually, I don't think either Sean nor I were paying attention to the names of the restaurants. We just decided on this place because the maitre'd was funny--or maybe that was just me.I was excited about the papardelle but it turns out that Italians really like their shellfish so I was out of luck. Instead I settled on the spaghetti putanesca and Sean had the osso buco--because I told him to. Actually, my exact words were "so you're gonna have the osso buco right?" So here are our plates of awesome-ly delicious food that night:
Knowing that we were going to Pinkberry after dinner, I only ate half of my spaghetti and a bit of Sean's osso buco. Boy was that $32 plate of meat amazing and worth every penny. So damn good. Seriously. Now I need to learn how to make osso buco at home so awesomeness-in-my-mouth doesn't cost $32US.
This is the result of our five-minutes pondering what to get at Pinkberry:Sean and I settled on a medium coconut soft serve frozen yogurt with fresh lychee, strawberries and mango as our three toppings. We could have only had two toppings but who actually says no to the limit? Not us. Not me, anyway. I think by now we know I'm all about the excess when it comes to food.
The last photo for day two is of Sean...looking sleepy and full.

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