August 12, 2009


One of the food blogs I follow on a daily basis is Soap & Chocolate. It's almost eerie how much this blogger and I have in common (our ages being just one thing), so I grew ever-so-curious while reading her Radventures.

Today I am making my way into a totally raw meal. For today's lunch I'm going half and half with cooked pasta but a raw tomato sauce and then for tonight's dinner at work, I'm going totally raw with leftover raw tomato sauce and zucchini ribbons. I've already prepared the sauce and am now just waiting for the pasta to boil. Here's what I sauce looks like:

It's a recipe taken from here but because I didn't have any bell peppers on hand (that red one in the fridge had seen better days), I added some zucchini ribbons and about 6 button mushrooms. I must say that while the scent is off-putting (I hate raw tomatoes), the sauce is incredibly tasty. Here it is in the blender:
Here it is over my zucchini ribbons:I have a night shift today so I'm saving the following for dinner tonight.

Here's my lunch though: raw marinara over whole wheat rotini:
And yes, that concludes my adventures in raw because I had to boil the pasta. I had been craving pasta for days on end and figured this sauce would be exquisite. In the end it was a pretty good compromise though I couldn't finish off the entire container's worth of food.

Update: In the end the raw marinara was actually better over the raw zucchini ribbons than the cooked whole wheat rotini. Not only was it tastier but it filled me up better than the pasta did. I actually ended wishing I had made more ribbons at home so I could have more of them to eat while at work.

Update #2: My body is not a fan of the raw diet. Throughout the day I was feeling extremely irritable and grouchy. It was probably due to the fact that I felt bloated like never before. It was like there was a ton of gas just waiting to get out but it just wouldn't! I almost resorted to a can of pop to make the gas go away. I'll probably have to test out the raw diet for a few days to see if my stomach gets used to the new way of eating but for now the idea is on the back burner. Oh well. At least I gave it a shot.

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