August 13, 2009


Question: Is it true that I hate cakes?

Answer: Well, hate is a strong word so let's just say that I don't like cakes.

So if I don't like cake why did I make not one, but two cakes today? I dunno...I was just in the mood.

I couldn't decide between the dimply plum cake or blueberry boy bait so I decided to make both. It was a really obscene day for baking considering the temperature, but again, I was in the mood. Actually, I realized that I bake when I'm stressed out. Following strict guidelines seems to give great meaning and purpose to my life. It's because it gives me a sense of control when I have no control over 90% of my everyday life.

And so today, I spent most of the day baking, beginning with blueberry crumb bars to dimply plum cake to blueberry boy bait. The latter seems to be my favourite but I can't taste any of it; I don't want to ruin the look of it before it gets served at Sean's tomorrow night. So yes, I've decided that the boy bait it is. I'm hoping that both the taste and story behind the name garner the praises of Sean's uncle and aunt visiting from Hawaii.

Here's the dimply plum cake:

And the blueberry boy bait:The cinnamon-sugar crust on top looks so yummy and trust me, it smells amazing in my kitchen--even if it is like 5000 degrees.

Update: The blueberry boy bait was a huge success! Sean's family couldn't stop complimenting it and I'm glad! It did indeed taste delicious--even on its own, though I'm sure some vanilla ice cream wouldn't hurt next time. This is definitely a make-again kind of cake.

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