August 6, 2009


I want a Breville juicer. I want one real bad. I want one so badly that I resort to terrible grammar and spelling. Thank goodness for Blogger's Check Spelling option, or else I'd be in big trouble.

Having remembered the unbelievably fresh apple, lemon and ginger juice, I wanted to re-create the wonderfulness in my mouth so I busted out the juicer attachment to our Magic Bullet even though a) the Magic Bullet and I have a love-hate relationship and b) I know its juicing capabilities kind of suck.

The Magic Bullet is not an awesome juicer. In fact, it's not even an awesome blender. It can blend things in 10 seconds or less, but be prepared for chunks, which is okay if you're making salsa or guacamole. If you plan on making some kind of cucumber mint soup or smoothie, be ready for chunks of cucumber or ice greeting you as you drink your concoction.

I was gun-ho about juicing a whole bunch of stuff anyway because a) I wanted some fresh liquids and b) I knew I wasn't getting a Breville juicer any time soon. My first juice started out with a granny apple, cucumber and kiwi. I decided to add a gala apple, a small knob of ginger and some iceberg lettuce. This is what resulted:and a close-up of the neon goodness:
Today's concoction began right after coming home from work. I mean, literally. I got inside the door, dropped my purse and lunch bag on the floor and then carried my very-ripe fruits to the kitchen. With half a small watermelon and half a small cantaloupe and the addition of a bigger knob of ginger than yesterday, a kiwi and half a cucumber, this is what resulted:and a close-up just for the heck of it:
It tasted pretty good but I wish I had had an apple on hand. Unfortunately I had used all the apples in the house with yesterday's juice. Please note that if you have a Magic Bullet and you plan on making juice with it, watermelon and cantaloupe are very, very messy. There were mushy bits of watermelon escaping from my blender/juicer unknown to my parents.

I suppose I just have to save up for a Breville now. I wish I could get a super cheap one on eBay but it's probably not going to happen, what with all the popularity of juicing running rampant on blogs right now. Oh well, tomorrow I shall start saving up.

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